Case Study: Eddie World, Yermo, California

Yermo, California, USA
Eddie World Case Study

Who & where?

Eddie World, based in Yermo, CA, is labeled as ‘California’s sweetest destination’ and is the premier travel center in the United States, offering all the amenities one would ever need when traveling.

At Eddie World, they want to completely redefine how people perceive gas stations. Hence, the biggest passion for them is their extreme dedication to clean and comfortable bathrooms.

A full time bathroom attendant allows Eddie World to maintain a very high level of cleanliness. Furthermore, when building these bathrooms ‘fit for royalty’, only the highest quality materials were used.


“We want our customers to have a pristine and perfect restroom experience each and every time they visit. We chose Vectair Quadrasan®, Vectair V-Air® SOLID, VIBE® and VIBE® Plus as they work, we have no bad odors in the restrooms and our bathrooms smell great.”

“Because of Vectair V-Air® SOLID, VIBE®, VIBE® Plus & Vectair Quadrasan®, we do not have bad odors in our restrooms & the customers have a pleasant experience.”
Ed Ringle, owner of Eddie World.


We asked Ed what made Vectair from the other suppliers; "I built the most expensive gasoline station in the USA (per square feet) & realized that our bathrooms needed to be a focal point.

With thousands of bathroom uses a day, I knew I needed to somehow overcome the smell. I researched the problem for over a year & found the solution was simpler. Someone else was working on the same problem... Vectair Systems. If you read the reviews, the quality of the restroom experience is overwhelming. Vectair is a large part of our success - they are also obsessed with a quality bathroom experience. We have ordered Vectair products for our Eddie World location in Beatty, Nevada, for 15 years.”

Why not visit Eddie World for yourself or contact us today to learn how we can improve visitor experiences in your facility.

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