Bring films & cinemas to life with aircare systems and hygiene products that work.

Clean up with our 3D approach.

Our 3D approach to cinema aircare & hygiene provision (Diffuse. Dispense. Dose.) helps to bring focus to an important issue that is often overlooked. All areas of the cinema should be clean and smell appealing using innovative aircare and hygiene systems. That's where we're the star of the show.

Washroom watch.

While the main focus is on films, a cinema shouldn't forget the condition of the washrooms. Regular monitoring of washrooms is important to ensure optimal hygiene both at the sinks and in the cubicles. Soap dispensers should be easy to use, saintary disposal systems checked and a fresh smelling scent should be strongly considered.

Fragrance for films.

Set the right scene before the film has even begun with our revolutionary, non-aerosol and propellant free scent delivery systems that allow cinemas to match fragrance to films. We have an extensive range of fragrances available in all our fragrance systems that can add that extra star rating to any cinema or film.

Movie with the times.

VIBE® & VIBE® Plus aircare systems offer colossal fragrance coverage and performance for medium and large cinemas and allow films to 'come alive'.

Through patented and revolutionary Vibrating Mesh Technology, VIBE® & VIBE® Plus dispensers and fragrances can be uniquely set to dispense superior fragrance to match a particular film's theme, from the actual screening room to the washroom, VIBE® & VIBE® Plus are aircare solutions that cinemas can't afford to miss.

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Special (scent) effects.

SensaMist™ Scent Diffusers use advanced atomizer technology to diffuse high quality scents to areas such as cinemas. It's the magic of scent made simple.

From the cinema lobby to the individual screening rooms, make films come alive with our innovative range of SensaMist™ Scent Diffusers. From small to large areas, mains to battery operated, a SensaMist™ unit can be the star of the show without the audience even knowing it.

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A program for everyone.

The Professional Passive Program™ includes a suite of aerosol, battery free products that all provide fresh fragrance without aerosols or propellants. These are: Airloop®, Vectair Wee-Screen®, Vectair P-Screen®, Eco Shell® and Vectair V-Air® SOLID.

Cinemas will love the simplicity & versatility of the Professional Passive Program™. From the urinal screens & multi-phasing air freshener in the washroom, to the universal air freshener in the individual screening rooms, the subtle fragrance solutions should be a box office hit with audiences.

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