Make your store an environment to remember with scented aircare solutions to keep the customer cheerful and curious.

Trendy scents.

Fragrances have become a modern way to attract new buyers and new customers. Scents are now designed to make the customers feel comfortable and uplifted with fragrances like linen breeze, especially in the retail industry.

Appealing aisles.

With our fragrance distribution solutions, retail stores can thrive and attract customers with inviting and lifting scents. Several studies have been performed to show that fragrances can help persuade purchasing decisions and improve store reviews.

Sales solution.

Revolutionary, straightforward solutions such as our one of a kind air freshener are perfect for retail stores. The EcoShell® can be used for stores to sell on their shelves or to create a fresh inviting environment around the store.

Scent for stores.

Using state-of-the-art atomizer technology the SensaMist® Scent Diffusers disperse quality fragrances around retail stores. The SensaMist® range features an HVAC system which is beneficial in larger areas. The magic of scent made simple.

The magic and fulfilment of fragrances are only just being recognized. Scenting is not only used to solve displeasing odors but to allow ‘immersive user experiences in locations through fragrances.’ SensaMist® will be the key to all of your fragrance needs, with multiple systems to adapt to different areas and locations. Through standing and desk mounted systems, retail stores will all flourish from SensaMist® fragrance diffusers, giving guests an unforgettable experience.

Recyclable aircare for retail.

The innovative Eco Shell® universal air freshener is a VOC exempt non-aerosol, recyclable system. It can be used in multiple areas to bring uplifting unifying fragrances to stores. The Eco Shell® can be a product for retailers to sell or a scent solution. It can be positioned on different surfaces such as a desk, a countertop or even in front of an air-conditioning unit to push the smell even further – the possibilities are endless.

The Eco Shell® air freshener can create an uplifting and warming environment in a range of different rooms and powerful scents. This recyclable air freshener is shaped as a ‘shell’ to look appealing and stylish around stores whilst providing a fragrance. The fragrance core does not contain any beads or small parts allowing it to be child resistant. Vents, fans, air-conditioning units and more to spread the inviting smells.

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Stores sold on Solid.

Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus applies ground-breaking multi-phasing air freshener systems using a non-aerosol and non-battery approach to offer constant scent to stores, creating an uplifting environment – perfect for freshening retail facilities for up to 60 days.

The multi-award-winning Vectair V-Air® SOLID combines an innovative non-battery, non-aerosol fragrance dispenser with a carbon-neutral multi-phasing refill. It supplies high-quality fragrance solutions to retail stores for up to 60 days. It distributes an invisible scent which remains in the air rather than a spray.

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A vibrant store.

VIBE® aircare solutions provide wide-spread scent coverage and efficiency through patented and innovative Vibrating Mesh Technology. They are crucial for small to large retail stores to set an energized tone and keep customers in the store for longer.

A mesh/mebrane, with 1,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir, thereby pressuring out a very fine mist though the holes replacing up to 3 aerosol dispensers. Retail stores can guarantee that guests feel revitalized and ready to shop with fresh and energizing scents through fragrance delivery in any area from washrooms to the cash desks.

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