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As an innovative aircare & hygiene manufacturer trading in over 130 countries, we pay specific attention to regulatory affairs and compliance of all our products.

We regularly go above and beyond what is required from a supplier and we are extremely careful to ensure we are being as responsible as we can be as a Company in everything we design and manufacture.

Safely does it.

We are always questioning ourselves and our products about safety. With environmental, health and safety issues being at the forefront of public interest in most industries in modern times, it is of paramount importance that all ingredients found in our fragrance blends especially, follow all relevant EU & global legislation.

We ensure we are fully compliant with requirements from REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) and follow the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) code of practice and guidelines worldwide. In our soap systems, we follow the Green Seal certification on our luxury foam soap formula in North America and always seek the most relevant regulations for all our innovations, such as feminine hygiene and infant care products. Our aircare systems are at least withing VOC levels and in North America, all our passive systems are VOC exempt, no other aircare manufacturer provides such an extensive VOC exempt range.

Being responsible.

We have a commitment to our customers and their customers to provide safe products using the safest ingredients using a responsible manufacturing process. We work very hard to ensure we are as responsible as we can be wherever possible.

We are proud that our products have been proven to be innovative and responsible and have stood the test of time (with over 30 years of doing so!). During our initial design phase and throughout our manufacturing processes, we strive to comply with all relevant international legislation and regulations or codes of practice.

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