Hotels are a place guests come to ‘get away.’ Make it special and inviting with a revitalizing atmosphere.

Scented spaces.

From hotel lobby to hotel room, the Vectair Airsan™ Ozone Generator & Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus Large Space Air Fresheners are perfect for maintaining freshness. Featuring a clip & go, clip & throw™ system, the Airloop® & Eco Shell® can be placed anywhere in rooms with just one simple clip.

Great reception.

Make the reception area come to life with excellent fragrances. A range of front-line scent marketing solutions offer an unforgettable experience for business travelers or families. Advanced Atomizer Technology and Vibrating Mesh Technology helps hotels provide an uplifting environment. It is the magic of scent made simple.

Hotel hero.

The simple to use EZ-SAN® soap range offers luxurious manual and touch-free dispenser designs with high-end soap promoting maximum hygiene at all times throughout the hotel. The EZ-SAN® soap dispensers are available in black and white to suit the style of the washroom.

Revered receptions.

Using state-of-the-art atomizer technology the SensaMist® Scent Diffusers disperse quality fragrances around gyms and receptions, check-in areas and lounges.

Scenting is not only used to diminish foul odors but to allow ‘immersive user experiences in locations through fragrances’. SensaMist® will be the key to all of your fragrance needs, with multiple solutions to adapt to different areas due to the battery mains operated system. Hotels will benefit from SensaMist® fragrance diffusers, giving hotel guests an energizing experience.

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Luxurious lobby areas.

The VIBE® aircare system provides immense scent coverage and effectiveness through patented and innovative Vibrating Mesh Technology. Crucial for creating the right ambience in hotel, lobbies and check-in desks.

A lattice/netting with 2,000 laser-cut holes. Vibrations at the base of the reservoir force out a mist of very light droplets through the mesh. Hotels can guarantee that guests feel comfortable and revitalized with fresh and calming scents.

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Hotel hero.

The smart Eco Shell® universal air freshener is a VOC exempt non-aerosol, recyclable system. It can be used in multiple areas to bring uplifting unifying fragrances in hotel rooms. It can be positioned on different surfaces such as a desk, a countertop or even in front of an air-conditioning unit to push the smell even further – the possibilities are endless.

The Eco Shell® air freshener can create an uplifting and warming environment in a range of different rooms and powerful scents. This recyclable air freshener is shaped to a ‘shell’ to look appealing and stylish around the hotel whilst providing a fragrance. The fragrance core doesn’t contain any beads or small parts allowing it to be child-resistant.

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Handy hygiene for hotels.

Hotels should make sure that their guests and visitors are taken care of with top quality hand washing solutions that are safe and effective.

High-quality handwashing systems are essential in all hotels to use in the washrooms and private washrooms in the hotel rooms. The EZ-SAN® range makes sure that hygiene is a top priority among hotel guests and prevents the spread of bacteria. To fit the theme of the hotel rooms and washrooms, the dispensers are available in different styles and colours, couples with refills and instant hand sanitizers.

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Generate good reviews.

Airsan™ by Vectair is tailored to suit both mobile or stationary locations and aids in diminishing troublesome odors in hotel buildings. The ozone produced by Vectair Airsan™ breaks down the bad smells when they come into contact.

The Airsan™ is safe for use in public areas in healthcare facilities due to the automatic ozone generator and odor neutralizer, which diminishes microorganisms and removes the unpleasant smells. The system can be moved between rooms so allow fresh fragrances to be enjoyed by all of the guests in the building. The better the experience and atmosphere, the better the reviews.

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