Airports should smell fresh & invigorating to comfort and produce a sense of ease and reassurance ahead of their travels.

Relaxing lounges.

Stop unpleasant and unwanted smells before they cause trouble. Invigorate people on their travels with superior scenting solutions to help them feel at ease and relaxed before flying. Perfect for airport lounges, terminal locations and washroom areas, our fresh scent solutions can be found here.

A clean break.

Market leading aircare systems for sizeable areas, unrivaled soap systems and durable and resistant hygiene dispensers are available for areas with high footfall such as airports, cafes and restroom areas - they offer a sanitary start to any journey be it vacation, pleasure or business.

Escape the mess.

Our hygiene discarding solutions intercept feminine sanitary waste products that can cause unpleasant scent situations if unattended and disregarded. Feminine hygiene waste can be concealed with the Vectair Femcare™ MVP sanitary disposal system and our Invizi-Touch® antimicrobial liners offer care and protection for female travelers.

Case study | Vienna Airport.

Found in Central Europe, Vienna International Airport in Austria is a growing vital location for increasing destinations in eastern and central Europe. They were seeking for sanitary removal solutions that were durable, high quality and able to provide ongoing excellent service.

In our case study, the Operations Service Manager at Vienna International Airport, Norbert Knott, emphasizes how our Vectair Femcare™ MVP Sanitary Disposal Systems have benefitted Vienna Airport and delivered unrivaled levels of washroom sanitation.

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First class washrooms.

Airport washrooms can be busy and withstand a high footfall of different travelers every day so they should be well-kept and immaculate. The Vectair Quadrasan® & Vectair P-Screen® gives airports the ability to establish high-quality washrooms for all passengers.

The Vectair Quadrasan® cleaning and dosing systems & Vectair P-Screen® triple action urinal screens create an excellent double act, keeping toilets and urinals fresh and hygienic. Vectair Quadrasan® can produce a steady dosing of scents to urinals and toilets to diminish blockages and freshen smells.

Additionally, the Vectair P-Screen® is the worlds first triple action 60-day urinal screen and is a ground-breaking aircare solution for urinals that offers dual fragrance, excellent splashback protection and a central core with enzyme protection to assist with the decomposition of organic material, decreasing bad odors.

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Drift off with VIBE®.

The VIBE® aircare system provides immense scent coverage and effectiveness through patented and innovative Vibrating Mesh Technology. Crucial for airport lounges, terminals and restrooms.

A mesh/membrane with 2,000 laser-cut holes. Vibrations at the base force out a mist of very light and fine droplets through the mesh. Airports using our Vibrating Mesh Technology within our VIBEֿ® systems can knowingly guarantee that passengers feel comfortable and revitalized with fresh and calming scents.

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Scent from above.

Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus applies ground-breaking multi-phasing air freshener technology to offer constant high quality fragrance to medium to large areas – and can be favorable for freshening up airport lounges and terminals.

It can be a stationary system, or it can be mobile and moved around to various different locations, wherever fresh scents are needed. Upper class and executive lounges, check-in desks, retail stores, and terminal areas are all spaces that will gain from using our innovative multi-phasing aircare technology.

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Fly away with aircare.

Using state-of-the-art atomizer technology our Vectair SensaMist® Scent Diffusers disperse quality fragrances around large spaces like airports. The SensaMist® range features a HVAC system which is beneficial in larger areas. The magic of scent made simple.

The magic and fulfilment of fragrances are only just being recognized. Scenting is not only used to solve displeasing odor problems but to allow ‘immersive user experiences in locations through fragrances. SensaMist® will be the key to all of your fragrance needs, with multiple systems to adapt to different areas and locations. Airport check-in desks, terminal buildings, and lounges will all flourish from SensaMist® fragrance diffusers, giving passengers an unforgettable experience.

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