SensaMist® Scent Diffuser Fragrances

The magic of scent made simple.

Available Colors (SensaMist® Fragrances Selected)

The magic of scent made simple.

With SensaMist®, fragrances are made for all of your scenting needs, with a range to suit any environment or application. Aromas are available for all types of areas and are diffused as a fine mist using advanced atomizer technology.

Our fragrance oils are VOC exempt and created with the end user in mind to enhance the 'experience' as well as creating an uplifting environment. Fragrances contain Airadicate® malodor counteractant & odor neutralizer to help stop bad odors. This not only removes bad smells but helps improve the structure of the scent. This leads to a stronger, longer lasting fragrance.

Specification & Codes


  • Fragrance type: Pure fragrance oil.
  • Volume: 32 fl.oz | 946ml.
  • Case size: 1 bottle per case.
  • Minimum Order: 1 bottle (Standard fragrances). Bespoke fragrances require a small minimum order upon request.
  • Malodor counteractant & odor neutralizer: All SensaMist® fragrances contain Airadicate® malodor counteractant and odor neutralizer to help stop bad odors.
  • How many fragrances are available? 13 'standard' fragrances, 4 'Aromatherapy' fragrances.


  • Bamboo Garden: SM-32-BAMBOO
  • Beach Waves: SM-32-BEACH-WAVE
  • Blackberry Sage: SM-32-BLACK-SAGE
  • Dark Woods: SM-32-DARK-WOODS
  • Fruit Slices: SM-32-FRUITSLICE
  • Island Getaway: SM-32-ISLAND-GTW
  • Jasmine Flowers: SM-32-JASMINE
  • Mountain Air: SM-32-MOUNTN-AIR
  • Pink Champagne: SM-32-CHAMPAGNE
  • Pink Vanilla: SM-32-PK-VANILLA
  • Water Hyacinth: SM-32-HYACINTH
  • White Driftwood: SM-32-DRIFTWOOD
  • White Tea & Thyme: SM-32-TEA-THYME
  • Comforting Vanilla Cedar (Part of the Aromatherapy Collection): SM-32-VANILLA
  • Encouraging Sage Patchouli (Part of the Aromatherapy Collection): SM-32-SAGE
  • Reassuring Eucalyptus Mint (Part of the Aromatherapy Collection): SM-32-EUCALYPTUS
  • Soothing Lavender Chamomile (Part of the Aromatherapy Collection): SM-32-LAVENDER

Advanced Atomizer Technology.

The advanced atomizer technology in our SensaMist® Scent Diffuser range provides an immersive user experience in a variety of spaces with a fine mist of fragrance.

From small to large spaces, battery diffusers to HVAC systems, our advanced atomizer technology can help bring the magic of scent to many environments without heavy deposits of fragrance. Our end user friendly scents will linger for longer, in minds and in spaces. It can be an effective technology for scent marketing solutions and help brands and businesses reach new audiences.

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