Vibrating Mesh Fragrance Technology

Changing the way we think about the modern metered aircare system.

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Aircare, redefined.

Welcome to the next generation of aircare dispensing with VIBE®, featuring our patented Vibrating Mesh Technology.

With 2,000 laser cut holes in a mesh/membrane, vibrations occur at the bottom of a reservoir resulting in a dispensed mist of fine fragrance through the holes.

Vectair Systems are always looking to new technology to help create the most revolutionary and responsible products on the market, keeping up their status as a technological leader in the modern aircare world.

This is why we have introduced innovative “VMT” aircare technology.

More efficient than other piezo systems, Vibrating Mesh Technology or ‘VMT™’ allows for a shorter aircare coverage time and uses less of the fragrance refill than in a piezo system.

Experience a wide range of benefits that Vibrating Mesh Technology has to offer thanks to its fully patented, unique dispenser platform. Our VIBE® Dispenser provides colossal fragrance delivery to medium sized areas.

Compared to traditional aircare systems, our VIBE® aircare system is more efficient and is also less expensive to run.

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