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Carbon Footprint Certified.

Our innovative Vectair V-Air® Solid multi-phasing air freshener is now even more carbon neutral after it has successfully been Carbon Footprint assessed.

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Corporate & Social Responsibility.

Corporate and social responsibility is taken seriously here at Vectair Systems and we are proud to say we are compliant and use responsible methods in our revolutionary products and innovation.

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Paper Saving Benefits.

We recycle our cardboard and paper from the EMEA head office through Veolia and we also use air hand dryers, ensuring we don’t waste paper!

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Water Saving Methods.

Investment in water control technology in commercial buildings can offer a suitable means of reducing your water usage.

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Compliant & reliant.

Being safe and reliable are the first two, key ingredients in all of our fragrances and products. We feel accountable for the wellbeing and safety of our consumers, as well as the general public, so we supply the safest ingredients and mix our perfumes and items with extra supervision on the agenda. Optimum reliability is important to us and we test our products on a regular basis to ensure this is met. To highlight this point, all of our fragrances meet with the safety regulations set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). At Vectair Systems we are proud to say, we are also members of the International Sanitary Supply Association.

Pioneering & proven.

As a business we are positive that when we introduce our products to the industry, we are providing proven, ground-breaking, and trustworthy goods. It is essential to be right at the front line of advances in global technology, to assess the effectiveness of our aircare and hygiene solutions on the world. Our systems have proven time and time again to be revolutionary and trustworthy. Throughout our initial design phase and right through to our manufacturing practices with our factories and partners, we aim to follow all of the appropriate international legislation and regulations or codes of practices.

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