Malodor counteractant & odor neutralizer.

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Eradicate odors. Effectively.

We're targeting malodor at source with our Airadicate® technology.

Powerful & effective, Airadicate® eliminates malodor without interfering with the base’s functional components. In our fragrance systems, this means it will not alter the smell of the individual fragrance note.

However, as the technology removes the malodorous molecules in the air, each of the fragrances containing Airadicate® will be much more noticeable.


The capability to remove bad smells (or malodors) was measured objectively by use of ‘SPME head space analysis’.

Subjectively, Airadicate® was tested using a sensory testing panel composed of perfumers and experts who evaluated the effect of Airadicate® on the perceived intensity of the malodor.

Multi-Phasing Technology V-Air SOLID Plus

Airadicate® can be used to remove malodors in many large office environments too.

Our fragrances in the SensaMist® Scent Diffusers range use Airadicate® too.

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