Elevate homes with aircare solutions to create a comforting, personal sanctuary for the family.

Hygiene for homes.

A range of our revolutionary systems can be used in homes. Cleanliness is just as crucial in homes as it is in public areas. Our antimicrobial liners for trash can help protect the family, whilst our VOC free, portable and straightforward ozone generator assists in diminishing bad odors.

Aircare for any room.

Vectair offers ground-breaking aircare systems such as Eco Shell® which are perfect for homes with children. It brings an uplifting fragrance to any room in the house due to the versatility of the system and the clip & go, clip & throw™ technology.

Scents to stay in for.

We offer a wide range of scent solution with the consumer in mind. Sometimes a citrus scent is not for everyone, so we listen and adapt out scents for the user. Our scents consist of floral blossoming fragrances, rich oriental fragrances, woody fragrances and much more to create the perfect home setting.

Aircare for all rooms.

The smart Eco Shell® universal air freshener is a VOC exempt non-aerosol, recyclable system. It can be used in multiple rooms to bring uplifting unifying fragrances all around the house. It can be positioned on different surfaces such as a desk, a countertop or even in front of an air conditioning unit to push the smell even further – the possibilities are endless.

The Eco Shell® air freshener can create an uplifting and warming environment in different rooms in a range of powerful scents. This recyclable air freshener is shaped to a ‘shell’ to look appealing around the house whilst providing a fragrance. They can be moved into different rooms whilst being child resistant.

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Hygienic homes.

The Vectair antimicrobial liners are perfect for trash cans and kitchen waste to avoid bad odor and prevent individuals in the home from getting affected by the build-up and spread of bacteria.

Food waste can foster harmful bacteria. The Vectair Invizi-Touch® is an antimicrobial additive that diminishes microbes by up to 99.99% with 24/7 defence. The antimicrobial additive overthrows the growth and spread of microorganisms and harmful bacteria to other surfaces. With the capacity and strength to hold 23 liters, the liner is perfect for the kitchen.

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That house VIBE®.

VIBE® aircare solutions provide wide-spread scent coverage and efficiency through patented and innovative Vibrating Mesh Technology. Through non-aerosol fragrances, VIBE® offers an excellent relaxed environment.

A lattice/netting with 2,000 laser-cut holes. Vibrations at the base of the liquid force out a mist of very light droplets through the mesh. Homes can guarantee that the uplifting smell with lift the vibe of the room whilst staying camouflaged into the walls.

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Home is air the heart is.

Airloop® paired with our innovative Clip & go, clip & throw™ design enhances the atmosphere and removes bad odors in the home toilets by attaching to the edge of the bowl so it is not in sight. It can also be used on other furniture and surfaces to keep the same smell around the home.

The Airloop® air freshener can create an uplifting and warming environment in a range of different rooms and scents. Whilst it is primarily used on toilet bowls, out of sight, they can be moved into different rooms and attached to desks, trash cans, inside of wardrobes, attics and more.

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Bold aircare for bathrooms.

Vectair V-Air® SOLID applies ground-breaking multi-phasing air freshener systems to offer continuous high-end fragrances – perfect for freshening washrooms in the home for up to 60 days.

The multi-award-winning Vectair V-Air® SOLID combines an innovative non-battery, non-aerosol fragrance dispenser with a carbon-neutral multi-phasing refill. It supplies high-quality fragrance solutions for washrooms and other areas in the home for up to 60 days. It distributes an invisible scent which remains in the air longer than a spray.

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