Washrooms require an outstanding level of cleanliness and fresh scents which can be facilitated with innovative aircare and hygiene solutions.

Washroom world.

From customizable programmable air freshener dispensers to long-lasting soap refills and dispensers or maybe sanitary refusal solutions, our revolutionary systems can improve the washroom area in any industry they are in.

Urine no trouble.

We have a range of urinal screen systems, designed to prevent splashback, improve the cleanliness of the urinal, prevent anything from blocking the drains and successfully improving the bad odors in the washroom.

Servicing solutions.

Our soap system for washrooms are quick to install and help encourage the best possible hygiene with our straightforward dispensers that offer the perfect amount of soap per dose, reducing waste. Washroom friendly systems effortlessly available.

Wonderful washrooms.

The washroom is the key area for our hygiene systems and aircare solutions. We produce and provide a full range of systems that are perfect for all areas in washroom locations. From antimicrobial liners and hand-washing soap, we have a considerable line of systems to improve washrooms.

We are the ‘whole package’ when it comes to washroom needs. We brand Vectair Airoma®, Vectair Micro Airoma®, Vectair P-Screen®, Vectair Quadrasan®, EZ-SAN®, Vectair V-Air® SOLID, and Vectair Wee-Screen® which are all highly acknowledged and registered products. We take pride in what we supply to the washroom environment.

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Urieasy to service.

We offer 30-day and 60-day urinal screens which provides public washrooms with refreshing fragrances. Featuring an innovative service tab, the urinal screens can be easily removed on time without any problems.

The 30-day Vectair Wee-Screen® is a revolutionary bubble urinal screen, available in multiple colors and is designed to keep urinals and washrooms hygienic, fresh and fragrant. The Vectair P-Screen is the world’s first urinal screen which lasts 60 days and offers optimal splashback protection and fragrance whilst preventing blockages.

Offering 30 days splashback protection and fragrance performance, the Vectair Wee-Screen® is VOC exempt, propellant-free and recyclable. Providing a range of fragrances, the urinal screen can be matched with Vectair aircare solutions and other products to create a uniform scent across buildings. Additionally, the Vectair P-Screen® is the world’s first triple action 60-day urinal screen and is a ground-breaking aircare solution for urinals that offers dual fragrance, excellent splashback protection and a central core with enzyme protection to assist with the decomposition of organic material and uric salt, eliminating bad odors.

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Service friendly soap.

The EZ-SAN® soap range consists of straightforward manual and touch-free dispenser designs with high-end soaps. Encouraging paramount hygiene in washrooms with easy install and replacement.

The EZ-SAN® range provides manual and touch-free options perfect for numerous bathrooms. One pump of high-quality soap offers more than enough protection for individuals to practice proper hygiene. The EZ-SAN® range also features a window to see when it needs to be replaced.

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Hide waste in the washroom.

Our hygiene disposal solutions tackle feminine sanitary waste that can cause unpleasant situations if unattended and disregarded. Feminine hygiene waste can be concealed with the Vectair Femcare™ MVP sanitary disposal system and our Invizi-Touch® antimicrobial liner to hide waste out of sight.

The Vectair Femcare™ is easy to clean and sleek and it can be paired with the Vectair Invizi-Touch® which is an antimicrobial additive that diminishes microbes by up to 99.99% with 24/7 defence. The antimicrobial additive overthrows the growth and spread of microorganisms and harmful bacteria to other surfaces. It is crucial to have the Invizi-Touch® system in place alongside the Vectair Femcare™ to create a flawless waste disposal solution.

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Washroom winner.

Airloop® paired with our innovative Clip & go, clip & throw™ design enhances the atmosphere and removes bad odors in the washrooms buy adding them on the edge of the bowl so it is not in sight.

The Airloop® air freshener is part of the Professional Passive Program™ and creates an uplifting and hygienic environment in a range of different high-quality fragrances. Whilst it is primarily used on toilet bowls, out of sight, they can be moved into different rooms. Fitting most toilet bowls, it lasts up to 30 days which can be easily replaced and recycled.

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