Offices should smell great and be clean to enhance the working environment for employees & visitors.

Efficient systems.

It’s important to create a great working environment for staff & visitors. Vectair Systems provide a range of industry leading aircare products that are perfect for use in business or office environments. Efficient systems for the efficient workplace.

Work & spray.

With industry leading aircare systems for large spaces, and robust and reliable dispensers available, we make light work of creating the right atmosphere. Our VOC exempt air freshener sprays & fabulous scents provide colossal fragrance coverage, creating an uplifting working environment.

You're welcome.

Offices can be an intimidating place to visit either for an interview or meeting. Visitors can be put at ease with aircare products such as Vectair Airoma®, Eco Shell®, VIBE®, and Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus. Each are ideal products to make everyone feel welcome.

Find a way with scent.

Vectair Airoma® & Vectair Micro Airoma® are automatic air freshener dispensers designed to provide office facilities with regular small bursts of fragrance. Our 'Airadicate™' ingredient targets the removal of malodor and neutralizes bad smells.

The air freshener dispensers provide efficient, easy to use programming options. Office buildings can ensure that fragrance is only used when the offices are in use with a weekend on/off switch. A wide variety of fragrances also allows for businesses to choose a scent that closely ties in with a specific working environment.

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Economize with Eco Shell®.

The stylish Eco Shell® universal air freshener is a VOC exempt, recyclable and non-aerosol scent solution that brings offices ‘out of their shell’. The Eco Shell® air freshener is strong on fragrance impact, with no propellants and can be easily replaced using just one fitting.

Using our revolutionary Clip and go, clip and throw™ design, the user simply replaces the dispenser with a brand new version using the same fixing. It can be used on desk & free standing fans, air conditioning systems, desks, walls & toilet cubicle doors.

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Scent to meet with you.

Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus utilizes pioneering multi-phasing air freshener technology to provide continuous fragrance to medium and large spaced offices.

As a fixed or portable system, Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus can be a useful & versatile way of enhancing the working environment, especially in meeting rooms and boardrooms. What's more, it's VOC exempt, aerosol and propellant free and scents such as Sea Salt & Bamboo will be loved by staff & visitors.

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Washrooms for workers.

Our range of washroom products can help office buildings keep on top of hygiene. From EZ-SAN® Soap Dispensers to the Vectair Femcare™ MVP Sanitary Disposal System, workers can be sure their washroom needs are met.

Office hygiene is important, especially in the washroom. Our soap dispenser and refill range can help promote a clean & hygienic approach to staff hygiene, while sanitary waste can be hidden and removed safely. We also provide an array of air fresheners ideal to help improve the washroom smell, such as the Vectair V-Air® Multi-Phasing Passive Air Freshener, that requires no aerosols or batteries to operate and is VOC exempt.

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