Food Service & Restaurants

When restaurants and food service locations are hygienic and smell pleasant, it gives customers a comforting feeling that the kitchens live up to the same standard.

Do or dine.

Food services should make sure their washrooms are kept remarkably clean, hygienic, and scented with inviting fragrances. If a restaurant is not bothered about the cleanliness of their washrooms, what does the food preparation area look like? Keep washrooms clean, keep guests coming back.

Scent & serve.

Vectair aircare solutions can assist food services and restaurants to create a positive environment for their guests with the magic of scent. Fragrance can be used in washrooms, the reception waiting area and the restaurant to keep guests relaxed and returning.

Clean eating.

Clean eating is not just about nutritional standards. Vectair offers high-quality soap dispensers to assist restaurants in promoting the best possible for hand hygiene for guests, kitchen staff and chefs and service staff.

Clean hands. Clean food.

Optimum hand hygiene and cleanliness is essential in restaurants and in food service particularly for chefs and kitchen employees to diminish the chance of cross contamination.

Guests should know that their food has been prepared without risk by kitchen staff and chefs that practice proper hygiene with the EZ-SAN®. The EZ-SAN® consists of a straightforward, high-quality design with deluxe soaps, encouraging cleanliness and hygiene.

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Help service staff with scent.

Using state-of-the-art atomizer technology the SensaMist® Scent Diffusers disperse quality fragrances around food service areas. The magic of scent made simple.

Scenting is not only used to diminishing foul odors but to allow ‘immersive user experiences in locations through fragrances.’ SensaMist® will be the key to all of your fragrance needs, with multiple solutions to adapt to different areas due to the battery mains operated system. Restaurants and food services will flourish from SensaMist® fragrance diffusers, giving guests an unforgettable experience.

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Fine dining. Fine dispensing.

Vectair V-Air® SOLID applies ground-breaking multi-phasing air freshener systems to offer continuous high-end scent to medium to large areas – perfect for freshening restaurants and food services.

The multi-award-winning Vectair V-Air® SOLID combines an innovative non-battery, non-aerosol fragrance dispenser with a carbon-neutral multi-phasing refill. It supplies high-quality fragrance solutions to washrooms and other areas in food services for up to 60 days. It distributes an invisible scent which remains in the air rather than a spray.

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Service with a screen.

Urinal screens are an efficient way for restaurants and food services to tackle bad odors and cleanliness. The Vectair P-Screen is the world’s first urinal screen which lasts 60 days and offers splashback protection and fragrance.

Additionally, the Vectair P-Screen® is the world’s first triple action 60-day urinal screen and is a ground-breaking aircare solution for urinals that offers dual fragrance, excellent splashback protection and a central core with enzyme protection to assist with the decomposition of organic material and uric salt, eliminating bad odors. The Vectair P-Screen® is perfect for food services and restaurants to upgrade urinals and their hygiene standards.

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