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It’s all about creating memories & moments that stay in the mind for more than a few hours. Companies are increasingly looking at Scent Marketing in order to engage and attract new audiences.

The technique of combining scents with other sensory prompts – such as the use of sound and lighting – can be highly effective in creating an enduring emotional connection with customers.

When we build a scent or a fragrance system, we ensure that the smell is first and foremost, clearly detectable to the scent receptors, that the scent and the system it is dispersed in are a right “fit” and it’s all about getting the right balance in a fragrance, too powerful a scent, could lead to customers turning off to your brand, too little and not enough visitors visit or remember.

Scent a stage.

There are three main types of scent marketing depending on what’s being sold. Think of when you step into a luxury hotel; they all smell the same regardless of what location the hotel is in, don’t they?

Thematic Smells | This is relevant to the type of business, such as a cooling mint or herbal scent experienced in a spa. You wouldn’t want to go to a spa and smell food aromas would you?

Ambient Smells | More subtle and is used to cover and eliminate unpleasant smells or indeed, fill a void. Places such as toilets, and large open spaces often employ ambient smells for their scent marketing needs but are increasingly looking at more ‘retail’ or ‘end user’ friendly fragrances notes rather than just a sweet smelling citrus.

Signature Smells | Signature or bespoke smells can be found in higher end department stores. Big luxurious smells such as bergamot and nutmeg are the most sought after signature smells. These are linked to the brand and to events, for a truly unique experience. At Vectair Systems, we make an array of bespoke fragrances for high end brands that help tell their own story.

Science of scent.

Our olfactory nerve is responsible for our sense of smell and smell is deeply connected to our emotional state. It has far greater influence on our behaviours than we realize.

“Seventy-five percent of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.”
(Martin Lindstrom, Brand Sense: Build Powerful Brands Through Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Sound).

In a Las Vegas casino, a pleasant ambient scent in an area of the casino was related to 45% more revenue than comparable non-scented slot machine areas (Hirsh, 1995). In another study, a sweet citrus ambient scent nearly doubled the average total purchases in a retail setting, from $55 to $90 per customer.

One study’s findings showed that 84% of people were more likely to buy shoes, or liked them more, when in a scented room. In the same study, many of the subjects reported they would pay 10–15% more for the product (Lindstrom, 2005).

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Our VIBE® Aircare Dispenser with Vibrating Mesh Technology helps scent linger for longer in many locations.

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