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Industry leading brands. Industry leading products.

Our portfolio of aircare & hygiene brands is extensive, giving consumers all over the world, access to real innovations and solutions to their spaces.

Our brands include; air freshener dispensers and refills, passive odour control dispensers and refills, large space fragrance systems, scent marketing systems, soap, skin care and surface cleaner dispensers and consumables, automatic ozone generators, baby changing stations, urinal screens and water management systems.

The list doesn’t end there. Our strategic brands help us to deliver innovative solutions to over 130 countries across the globe on a daily basis. We have registered our trademarks in a variety of territories and our brands extend to even the most remotest island in the world, Tristan da Cunha. Explore some of our selected brands and find out why we are innovators in our field and why our brands work day in, day out. The aircare & hygiene revolution starts here.

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Airadicate Logo - The Vectair Brands

Airadicate® Malodor Counteractant & Odor Neutralizer

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Airloop USA Logo

Airloop® Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener

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EcoShell Logo

Eco Shell® Air Freshener with clip & go, clip & throw™ technology

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EZ-SAN Logo - The Vectair Brands

EZ-SAN® Skincare Dispenser & Refills

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EZ-SAN XL Logo - The Vectair Brands

EZ-SAN® Instant Hand Sanitizer 24fl oz.

EZ-SAN XS Logo - The Vectair Brands

EZ-SAN® Instant Hand Sanitizer 2fl oz.

Invizi-Touch Logo - The Vectair Brands

Invizi-Touch® Antimicrobial Protection Technology

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SensaMist Logo - The Vectair Brands

SensaMist® Scent Diffuser with Atomizer Technology

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VAZE logo

VAZE® 30 Day Passive Air Freshener

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Vectair Airoma Logo USA

Vectair Airoma® Aerosol Air Freshener Dispenser & Refills

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Vectair Micro Airoma Logo USA

Vectair Micro Airoma® Micro Air Freshener Dispenser & Refills

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Vectair AIrsan Logo US

Vectair Airsan™ Ozone Generator

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Vectair Femcare MVP Logo

Vectair Femcare™ Sanitary Waste Disposal System

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Vectair P-Screen Logo USA

Vectair P-Screen® World's First 60 Day Triple Action Urinal Screen

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Vectair Quadrasan Logo USA

Vectair Quadrasan® Cleaning & Dosing Dispenser & Refills

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V-Air SOLID Logo

Vectair V-Air® SOLID Award Winning Multi-Phasing Air Freshener

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V-Air SOLID Plus Logo

Vectair V-Air® SOLID Plus Large Space Multi-Phasing Air Freshener

Vibe Logo

VIBE® Aircare Dispenser with Vibrating Mesh Technology

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Vectair Wee-Screen Logo

Vectair Wee-Screen® 30 Day Bubble Urinal Screen

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