Simple Scent Servicing with the Professional Passive Program™

Simple Scent Servicing

Simple scent servicing is something that helps reduce labor costs and time. The Professional Passive Program™ allows same scents to be used uniformly in the restroom, regardless of the scent system used.

The Professional Passive Program™ also enables swift servicing and is a great program for service providers. Simple scent servicing is achieved through four different aircare systems – from the toilet bowl, urinal and to the wall.

Each product is easy to service, reducing labor times. It also removes the fragrance clash, one of the most common causes of customer complaints in the restroom.

Vectair’s battery free fragrance systems are a simple solution to any complex odor issue.

Choose from VOC exempt products, including the Airloop® Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener and the Vectair Wee-Screen® 30 Day Urinal Screen.

For a premium restroom experience, try 60 day solutions. Such as the multi-award winning Vectair P-Screen® Urinal Screen and Vectair V-Air® SOLID Multi-Phasing Air Freshener.

Triple Action Technology - simple scent servicing

There are six fragrances to choose from, each one powerful and long lasting. To see just how easy it is to replace each solution, check out the simple scent servicing video.

The Professional Passive Program™ brings innovation to the interior environments for a harmonized environment, in or outside the restroom.

Get in touch today to find out more or to test out the program with a trial pack.

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