Using scent marketing to enhance the banking experience

Banking experience

Scent marketing is known to drive sales and create a brand identity for businesses across many industries. Using scent marketing techniques within more conservative settings, such as financial institutions can be a beneficial way to develop branding, enhance the banking experience and improve client communication.

Why is it a good idea to scent a bank?

Those working in a bank are likely to find themselves surrounded by an anxious and hurried energy. This negative energy can create an atmosphere for customers that is not very pleasing, hindering their experience and causing them to be reluctant to return.

By adding a specialized scent throughout, banks can help to create a relaxing and friendly experience. This helps to relax both busy customers and bankers, making the experience less stressful and more appealing.

By introducing versatile scenting systems, it will create a powerful yet subtle fragrance that will help the banks brand create emotional connections with customers. Employing a signature scent to a financial business sets the tone of relaxation, comfort and peace of mind which is essential when managing money.

This improved customer experience is an influential way of retaining customers and staff, creating employee and customer satisfaction within branches.

The benefits of scenting a bank for a positive banking experience

Customer satisfaction – Scent marketing can be used to reduce the perceived amount of time a customer is waiting in-line or waiting for service. The relaxing property of scenting allows customers to feel comfortable and calm, rather than restless and unhappy.

Brand recognition – By using scent marketing in financial businesses and banks it can highlight brand identity and define the company. Scent and memories are closely linked, so by using a specialized scent it can encourage familiarity with that specific business.

Customer retention – an enhanced and positive experience created by scenting systems can help to increase customer retention and improve the performance of the business.

Adaptability – Banks and financial institutions have the opportunity to adapt their fragrances to suit their brand message, whether it is comforting, relaxing or energizing.

How to scent a bank

To help improve the banking experience, a specialized scent system and fragrance is required. There are many scenting options for spaces of all sizes to provide the correct amount of fragrance without it becoming overpowering. It is important to effectively scent the area, or you could be at risk of overwhelming the room with too much fragrance.

Scent Marketing - SensaMist - olfactory experience

All of the SensaMist® Aromatherapy fragrances (lavender & chamomile, eucalyptus & mint, sage & patchouli, vanilla & cedar) and the SensaMist® fragrances (bamboo garden, beach waves, white tea & thyme) are compatible with the SensaMist® scent diffusers. These fragrances feature Airadicate® malodor counteractant & odor neutralizer to help minimize unpleasant smells.

Below are some of the Vectair Systems SensaMist® scent diffusers that are ideal for banks and financial institutions to offer a welcoming and comforting atmosphere.

  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S100 –The compact and small SensaMist® S100 fragrance diffuser can be placed on walls out of the eyeline of customers, providing an enhanced visitor experience. This non-aerosol scent system offers maximized coverage at the perfect concentration. (Coverage of up to 10590 cubic feet).


  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S1000 – The SensaMist® S1000 scent diffuser is sleek, professional and has the ability to be positioned on walls to distribute a fine mist of scent across the room. The system is virtually silent and can deliver the selected fragrance for up to 35314 cubic feet.


  • SensaMist® Scent Diffuser S3000 – The SensaMist® S3000 scent diffuser is a floor standing design with a professional and modern exterior. It has the ability to cover up to 70600 cubic feet which is ideal for larger bank areas. The HVAC system is virtually silent and delivers an even and fine mist of fragrance across the whole room.

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  • I want to receive marketing communications from Vectair Systems (you can change your preferences at any time).


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