Vectair & The NSA announce new SensaMist® partnership

Vectair & The NSA

Vectair & The NSA (National Service Alliance) have partnered to provide innovative scent diffuser technology to a variety of public spaces, through the NSA membership.

Cory Powell, Vectair Systems SVP, said:

“Vectair Systems is excited to announce our partnership with The National Service Alliance (NSA). The new agreement provides the ability for our building service contractors to provide aromatherapy, odor control and scent as a service to their customers through the innovative SensaMist® scent diffuser brand.”

Scent has become essential to building owners and managers, helping to compliment a clean and safe workplace, that has shown to attract/retain their tenants, students, patients, patrons, fans and worshippers.

With magically light fragrance particles and fabulously refreshing fragrances, the SensaMist® range of scent diffusers provide a real sense of clean in many spaces, such as office buildings and lounges.

Vectair & The NSA - SensaMist S150

Fragrance is delivered through advanced atomizer technology and all fragrances contain Airadicate® malodor counteractant to ensure customers and visitors smell the ‘good stuff’, while the bad stuff is removed.

The advanced atomizer technology featured in the SensaMist® Scent Diffuser range allows users to have an immersive experience through the power of fine fragrance, in a wide range of environments and spaces.

Science tells us all that the use of scent has proven to be effective in many ways and can be a powerful marketing tool, such as;

– To improve the perception of clean in a particular area or space.

– Used in virtually any environment – airports, fitness centers, hospitality, offices, sports stadiums and retail.

– Create long lasting emotional connections with customers and visitors.

– Can help increase revenue in comparison to non-scented spaces.

For more information, contact Vectair Systems customer services.

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