Scent marketing for hotels & the hospitality sector


Hotels and hospitality venues everywhere have the ability to tell a unique story with scent marketing, unlike the traditional visual advertisements that appear on our cell phones, on the television and on billboards. Scent marketing is different to other traditional forms of marketing because it targets the olfactory system that’s responsible for connecting fragrances and scents to memories and emotions.

Scent can become deeply embedded into the brain and bring back memories that might otherwise never be recalled. Typically, when somebody smells something that is linked to a meaningful time or event in their life, they will have an emotional response first, followed by a memory which is unlike any of our other sensory experiences.

Scent marketing in the hospitality sector

Selecting the perfect scent for a hotel lobby can be a difficult task – there are many factors that hoteliers have to take into consideration. When scent branding and marketing for hotels, it is important to consider whether the doors will be open or closed, the clientele, the textures and colours of the space and the hotel surroundings.

The fragrance of a hotel lobby should enhance the space instead of overpowering – having a scent that is too weak in one area and too potent in another area can be very ineffective as an experience.

The main factor to give thought to is the brand message of the hotel and what audience will be listening to the brand message. Will it be young European or Asian groups travelling the world or will it be senior Americans looking to have a small weekend vacation? Will the scent be energizing or calming? Muted or sexy?

Hospitality Scent Marketing

Vectair fragrance dispersal systems

Regardless of size, every hotel requires a balance of consistent and pleasant fragrances and to achieve this sophisticated scent systems and technologies are needed.

After a scent is agreed by a hotel, there needs to be scent delivery to the lobbies, halls and the guest’s rooms. Using only candles can create uneven scenting and poses a fire hazard and traditional perfume systems contain alcohol which can be irritating for some guests.

Reception Areas & Lobby – the SensaMist® Scent Diffuser is perfect for receptions because it diminishes foul odors and disperses quality fragrances into the surrounding areas, creating an energizing atmosphere.

Guest’s Rooms – the smart Eco Shell® universal air freshener delivers relaxing fragrances to hotel rooms. They can be positioned on a range of surfaces, such as a desk but also work great in front of air conditioning units.

Other elements that contribute to hospitality branding | From the reception to the restroom

Branding a hospitality venue or hotel with scent marketing does not have to stay in the lobby or the guest’s rooms, scents can also be carried into the restroom to create a cohesive atmosphere wherever the guests are in the hotel.

We all know that restrooms aren’t the best smelling place but using different scent systems that keep them smelling cohesive with the hotel and help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Below are scent systems that are part of The Professional Passive Program™. They provide a harmony of fragrance that can be used in hotel restrooms to continue the flow of scent marketing:

  • Airloop® Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener – Airloop® is a recyclable toilet bowl clip air freshener that provides effective fragrance solutions in a range of scents. It fits tightly to most toilet bowls and can be easily replaced in one simple action, providing a long-lasting fragrance.
  • Vectair P-Screen® 60 Day Urinal Screen – our award-winning urinal screen comes in a wide range of scents, offers optimum splashback protection to keep male restrooms hygienic and provides enzyme protection to prevent blockages. This triple threat is perfect for the men’s bathroom to minimise bacteria and stay on theme with the fragrance branding of the hotel.
  • VAZE® 30 Day Passive Air Freshener – VAZE® air freshener is powered only by air and releases the same wide range of fragrances as the two other systems above to freshen the air in harmony. The system requires no batteries, aerosols or fans and is compatible with a variety of passive dispensers that fit the aesthetics of the hotel restrooms.

Using these three systems in the restrooms alongside the scent branding of a hotel will offer a harmony of fragrance and create a 5-star atmosphere for the guests.


Using the power of fragrance to specifically target guest’s emotions and their memories is a great way to positively impact customer loyalty and mood. Tap into the surroundings of the hotel, the desired audience and the vibe the hotel represents to start the journey of scent marketing/branding.

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