S.P. Richards & Vectair Systems enter into master distribution agreement

Vectair & S.P. Richards Agreement

Vectair Systems is pleased to announce a master national wholesale distribution partnership with S.P. Richards (SPR), the nations leading “Independent Wholesale Distributor.”  Effective July 1, 2021, this agreement will introduce SPR as the preferred Master Distributor of Vectair Systems’ Restroom Air Care and Scent Marketing products across the United States.

The agreement will broaden SPR’s offerings while introducing innovative air care solutions in and around the restroom.  Additionally, Vectair’s modern and proprietary scent systems will enjoy national coverage while leveraging SPR’s network of distribution centers.

The partnership will offer exciting opportunities for public spaces across the United States.

A Partnership that makes perfect ‘scents’.

Some of the benefits that this agreement will bring are, but not limited to;

  • Cost efficient products
  • Ease of operations for customers
  • Mutual, increased demand of products
  • Appropriate order quantities
  • Ease of access to goods
  • Minimizing costs

Cory Powell, Senior Vice President of Sales, Vectair Systems said of the agreement: “We are excited to be partnering with SPR in the US as our preferred master wholesaler. Our game changing and market leading scent and restroom innovations have found a partner that can offer true national coverage and thus further benefit our customers and the locations we serve, in the future.”   

Vectair & S.P. Agreement

“This partnership allows SPR to deepen our assortment and provide new innovative products to our vast customer base,” said Nick Lomax, SPR’s Senior Vice President of JanSan.   

About the two Companies

S.P. Richards have, over 170 years, established themselves as one of North America’s largest independent wholesale distributors of JanSan, breakroom, furniture, office supplies and business technology products.

Vectair Systems, founded in 1988, are world renowned for their innovation in air care and hygiene. Many of their award-winning and patented products are found in 130 countries across the world, in many famous landmarks and locations.

They work to supply these countries through a network of international customers and distributors, as well as having specific country importers and exclusive distribution agreements.

The products included in the agreement include, but not limited to:

  • Vectair P-Screen® 60 Day Urinal Screen with Triple Action Technology
  • Vectair V-Air® SOLID Multi-Phasing Passive Air Freshener
  • Airloop® Toilet Bowl Clip Air Freshener
  • Vectair Airoma® Air Freshener Dispenser & Refills
  • SensaMist® Scent Diffusers with Advanced Atomizer Technology

Both Companies have confirmed that the distribution agreement is to commence on July 1, 2021.

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