Vectair Instagram page launches to extend social media activity

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Vectair Systems have announced the launch of their Vectair Instagram page to add to their list of social media channels.

The Company are often online, with accounts already active on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

As a result of COVID-19, companies all over the world have looked for new ways to connect to audiences. Generally speaking, face to face meetings have been replaced with Zoom and Team meetings. In addition, exhibitions have been replaced with webinars or digital conferences. As a result, digital communication, such as the Vectair Instagram page, has become more important than previously thought for a Company. Businesses must now find additional ways to interact with their prospective customers; social media being an important vehicle for this.

Paul Wonnacott, Vectair’s Managing Director & President realizes the importance social media can play in shaping a Companies image.

“Coupled with our list of social media channels, I’m pleased to announce the launch of the Vectair Instagram page.” Wonnacott said.

Vectair are known for their innovation but Wonnacott believes how they connect with customers also sets them apart from competitors.

“The addition of the Vectair Instagram further highlights our innovative outlook. We know the strength of our brands and we also know the pull of social media is very powerful.

At Vectair, we like to go to market in innovative ways, from our manufacturing to our marketing.” adds Wonnacott.

The new Vectair Instagram page will be filled with the latest Company and product news. As well as Instagram, Vectair can be found on these social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Pinterest

“While customers can’t purchase directly online from the Vectair website, many distributors can be found via a simple Google search.

Shop- Find Vectair Online - Instagram

We work hard on our SEO and ensure we are found quickly and easy for our main products.” Wonnacott says.

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