Care Pack Launched for COVID-19 in EMEA & UK Regions

Covid-19 Care Pack

A care pack, including new hygiene measures and products, has been introduced by Vectair Systems for EMEA & UK Regions. Vectair have prided themselves on innovation, and during this pandemic, wanted to help businesses bounce back, with care. All products are either available now or available for pre-order.

The COVID-19 Care Pack helps businesses and facility managers ensure their premises stay in line with the Government guidelines. The range of hygiene measures includes an array of products that can help places reopen to the public in a caring and hygienic manner.

Products included in the COVID-19 Care Range

The range includes instant hand gels, soap dispensers, dispenser stands and surface cleaners. In addition, the range includes products to help improve hygiene in areas such as washrooms too.

Touch free Stand - Care pack


Instant hand gel in focus

To protect hands, Vectair created Sanitex® XS & Sanitex® XL Instant Hand Gel Bottles to form part of the COVID Care Pack. These 60ml and 710ml gels help to clean hands instantly when water is not available. The industrial 710ml bottles also come with an optional wall bracket and can be used on dispensing stands too. The 60ml instant hand gel bottle helps to keep hands protected while on the go and fits perfectly into pockets and bags. They are useful in the fight against COVID-19 & are an essential part of the care pack.

Also new, and available for pre-ordering in the care pack is the touch free Sanitex® Dispenser Stand. This is designed for soap and instant hand gel dispensers as well as instant hand gel bottles. It provides public spaces such as healthcare facilities, offices and retail outlets measures they need to stay COVID-19 compliant.

In addition, Sanitex® Soap Dispensers and Refills are available – some of which were used on the COVID-19 frontline. Vectair are proud suppliers of the NHS Nightingale Hospital, delivering essential products to essential healthcare facilities.

Find what you’re looking for, here: COVID-19 Care Pack.

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