Aircare & hygiene levels in educational facilities should always have top marks to enhance learning and teaching potential.

Study with scent.

Tackle smells before they start to cause a problem in classrooms and hallways. Keep the vibe upbeat with lasting & uplifting fragrances. Allow staff to teach and students to learn in a positive learning environment.

Top marks.

With industry leading aircare systems for small and large spaces, and robust and reliable soap and hygiene dispensers available, provision for educational facilities has never been simpler.

Stay classy.

College, school and university classrooms should be places that promote good learning. That cannot be achieved effectively, however good the students or teachers are, in unhygienic environments.

Scent for staff & students.

The VIBE® aircare system offers colossal fragrance coverage and performance through patented and revolutionary Vibrating Mesh Technology. Essential for medium to large educational facilities.

A mesh/membrane, with 2,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir, and thereby pressures out a mist of very fine droplets through the holes. Encourage effective learning with scents that provide an uplifting atmosphere for both staff and students.

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Study through scenting.

V-Air® SOLID Plus allows educational facilities to provide a non-aerosol, non-battery approach to scenting to lift the mood in classrooms and libraries and promote a positive atmosphere.

With unique, multi-phasing, background fragrances students can keep their mind on the books rather than the bad smell. The lockable V-Air® SOLID Plus can be placed out of reach of students, yet still provide fragrance to enhance the learning environment. Who's dumb now?

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Clean hands in classrooms.

Hand hygiene in the education sector is very important. From a young age, schools should teach their students about the importance of clean hands and the importance of soap.

Our Sanitex® soap dispenser and refill ranges can help promote a clean & hygienic approach to staff and student hygiene, while hands can be dried quickly and effectively using Blast™, our ultra fast, automatic hand dryer.

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Uniform for urinals.

Our colourful, cost effective and innovative bubble urinal screen, Wee-Screen®, helps educational establishments keep urinals and washrooms clean and smelling great.

Our 30 day urinal screen solution can be a practical solution to an otherwise expensive and difficult task. Wee-Screen® is propellant free and recyclable and provides schools a uniform approach to fragrance in the washroom by matching scents in the urinal screens to other aircare products provided by Vectair, avoiding an unwelcome fragrance clash that can often occur.

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