Attractions should be accessible to everyone & promote a vibrant, uplifting and hygienic atmosphere.

Attractive aircare.

Tackle smells before they start to cause a problem. Attract existing and new visitors to a venue with aircare systems that offer and provide a truly unique sensory experience with revolutionary technology and fine fragrances. Let scent be your tour guide.

See & smell.

With industry leading scenting systems for small, medium and large spaces available, practical provision for high traffic sites such as famous landmarks and theme parks can leave visitors wanting to see and sniff out more return visits to an attraction. Repeat visits = happy customers.

Accessible for all.

Attending a famous place can be stressful sometimes for us all, especially if attractions aren't properly equipped. Let our products help, from easy to use soap dispensers with braille and a suited range of Babyminder® infant care products to help parents with young children.

Attract with aircare.

SensaMist® Scent Diffusers use advanced atomizer technology to diffuse high quality scents to areas such as casinos. Our range of SensaMist® scent diffuser systems include an HVAC system, ideal for large spaces. It's the magic of scent made simple.

The true magic and effect of scent is only just being discovered. In addition to scenting an environment as a solution to mask unpleasant smells, nowadays it is common to view fragrance as an ‘immersive user experience’ in a location. With the SensaMist® brand you will find solutions to all of your scenting needs, with a range of dispensers to suit any environment or application.

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Create the right VIBE®.

The VIBE® aircare system offer colossal fragrance coverage and performance through patented and revolutionary Vibrating Mesh Technology. Essential for medium to large attractions.

A mesh/membrane, with 2,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir, and thereby pressures out a very fine mist through the holes. What the venue will experience is a fragrance delivery like never before and stunning scents to stir the senses.

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Accessible attractions.

Attending a famous place can be a stressful experience at times for us all, especially if attractions aren't properly equipped to help everyone. Let our products help.

Our range of Sanitex® soap and Safeseat® surface cleaner products can be used easily in accessible washrooms and our infant care range, through our Babyminder® branded products, allow parents to change & restrain a child safely and securely throughout the attraction.

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Helpful hand washing.

Our range of soap products can help attractions keep on top of hand hygiene. Sanitex® Soap Dispensers are ideal for places like a petting zoo or a variety of high traffic venues.

Our Sanitex® brand helps venues tackle hand hygiene in and out of the washroom. From durable dispensers to luxurious soap refills, visitors can be sure of optimal hygiene at all times, wherever they are. In a zoo especially, this would be especially important with the exposure to animals.

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'Airadicate' with Airoma®.

Airoma® can help attractions replace bad smells with pleasant fragrances, creating a positive visitor experience in and outside the washroom.

Airoma® can 'airadicate' the issues of bad smells by providing venues with a reliable dispenser that enables a long lasting fragrance to be dispersed. It's a particularly useful product for washrooms or can be placed near washrooms to hide any bad smells. With flexible programming options, the dispenser can be programmed to be only needed when the attraction or venue is open. Clever, right?

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