Skincare for effective & optimal hand hygiene.

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Less is more. A targeted approach to skincare.

We look to use advanced technology to find innovative, simplified and cost effective ways of enhancing skincare and soap dispensing.

Our range of skincare systems combine a next generation dispenser design with luxurious refills, promoting maximum hygiene and leaving hands hygienically clean. Every part of our systems are rigorously tested and monitored for only the best performance. Durable, sealed cartridges ensure optimum hygiene at all times.

Vectair Systems - Aircare

About Vectair.

Vectair Systems are a leading technological innovator & supplier of aircare & hygiene products in a number of sectors worldwide. We have been delivering scent and sanitary solutions to over 130 countries for over 30 years.

In particular, Vectair Systems are experts in aircare, hand hygiene, washroom solutions as well as products specifically designed for ‘away from home’ areas.

As well as being dispenser manufacturers, we also provide our own range of air freshener refills and other consumables. Through our expertise, we are an ideal partner for dispensers and consumables. We also offer unique OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) services, allowing companies to design their own style of coordinated products and dispensers, using the latest manufacturing technologies from state of the art facilities.

Renowned & Respected.

It's a Family Affair.

The Sanitex® Family Skincare Dispenser, through its sleek design and ‘push to dispense’ system, is a unique dispenser offering optimal hand hygiene. Hands stay hygienic and clean long after washing.

Sanitex® allows flexibility for a user’s preferred choice of skincare refill and hand washing medium, with a selection of innovative liquid, spray or foam pumps, without the requirement of replacing the dispenser.

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The MVP of Skincare.

Promoting maximum hygiene, the Sanitex® MVP manual and automatic (touch free) dispensers combine a cutting edge dispenser design with super rich and soft skincare consumables.

Promotes maximum hygiene by incorporating Invizi-Touch® antimicrobial technology (silver ions) into the manual dispenser cover, which has been proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99%.

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