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At Vectair Systems, our core business is related to products for the washroom, so if anybody knows how to innovate in the washroom, we do.

From the world's first 60 day triple action urinal screen, protected bubble designs, subtle scent solutions for toilet areas and clever cleaning & dosing systems, our washroom solutions help thousands of facilities each and every day to promote a clean and sparkling washroom.

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About Vectair.

Vectair Systems are a leading technological innovator & supplier of aircare & hygiene products in a number of sectors worldwide. We have been delivering scent and sanitary solutions to over 130 countries for over 30 years.

In particular, Vectair Systems are experts in aircare, air freshening, hygiene, washroom solutions as well as products specifically designed for ‘away from home’ areas.

As well as being dispenser manufacturers, we also provide our own range of air freshener refills and other consumables. Through our expertise, we are an ideal partner for dispensers and consumables. We also offer unique OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) services, allowing companies to design their own style of coordinated products and dispensers, using the latest manufacturing technologies from state of the art facilities.

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Triple action urinal screen. A World's first.

The propellant free and recyclable P-Screen® is the World’s first triple action screen, offering 60 days fragrance and both dual fragrance and enzyme protection.

The active central core in the urinal screen is not only designed to reduce bacteria, but also provides a secondary fragrance in the screen for up to 60 days. Fit for most urinal shapes and sizes, P-Screen® is made with a deep bubble and bristle design that prevents splash back and drain blockages.

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Drying will be a Blast™.

For fast, effective and hygienic hand drying, look no further than our Blast™ Ultra Quick Hand Dryer.

The Blast™ ultra quick automatic hand dryer simultaneously blows water off hands and evaporates residual moisture, drying hands completely in approximately 10 seconds.

Using 1/6 of the energy used by conventional hand dryers, Blast™ is extremely efficient.

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Meet The Professional Passive Programme™.

At Vectair Systems, we innovate in everything we do. Our Professional Passive Programme™ brings innovation to the washroom with suited scented systems for a harmonized environment.

The Professional Passive Programme™ includes passive products that all provide fresh, suited fragrances without the need for aerosols, batteries or propellants in the washroom. Science meets simplicity with Airloop™, EcoShell®, P-Screen®, V-Air® SOLID & Wee-Screen®. Choose from multi-phasing air fresheners, toilet bowl clips, universal air fresheners and urinal screens to bring freshness to a facility.

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Harmonize Your World™.

We also offer complementary fragrance solutions through our 'Harmonize Your World™' range too, which includes the V-Air® SOLID multi-phasing air freshener, V-Fresh™ universal air freshener and V-Screen® 30 day urinal screens.

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