Dazzle members with stunning facilities. Inspiring fragrances & clean facilities could re-energize everyone.

Lift a space.

Gyms should make their members feel energized. Our solutions can help give gym facilities a real 'lift' through appealing aircare systems to boost experiences and effective soap systems to improve hygiene.

Scent in a spin.

Our fragrances can help gyms make a great first impression in areas such as the reception while non-aerosol & propellant free fragrances help spaces like a spin studio bring a positive vibe to a class.

A clean challenge.

Gyms shouldn't just focus on challenges for their members, but set cleaning targets too. From washrooms to workout areas, all surfaces should be clean and hygienic.

Good VIBE® in the gym.

The VIBE® aircare system offers colossal fragrance coverage and performance for medium and large gyms and promote a great energy or 'vibe'.

Through patented Vibrating Mesh Technology, VIBE® can be uniquely set to diffuse fragrance, from a non-aerosol and propellant free refill, in order to match the feeling of the gym at any given time. From the washrooms to the workout areas, VIBE® is an aircare solution that gyms should target.

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Scent made for studios.

SensaMist® Scent Diffusers use Advanced Atomizer Technology to diffuse high quality scents to gym areas. It's the magic of scent made simple.

From the reception area to the spinning studio, make scent and members go further with our innovative range of SensaMist® Scent Diffusers. From battery to mains operated, a SensaMist® scent diffuser can inspire members.

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A clean lift.

Part of our MVP range of dispensers, Sanitex® MVP combines a next generation dispenser design with luxurious soaps, promoting maximum hygiene in gym workout areas, leaving hands clean.

With a number of different machines and weights in a gym, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria to grow. Effective & professional hand washing solutions are important for gyms to use in their washroom and workout areas. The Sanitex® MVP range helps to ensure clean hands at all times & reduces the threat of bacteria spreading.

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Gym programmes that work.

The Professional Passive Programme™ includes a suite of aerosol, battery free & propellant free products that all provide fresh fragrance. These are: Airloop™, Wee-Screen®, P-Screen®, EcoShell® and V-Air® SOLID. It's a programme that gyms will get results from.

Gyms will love the simplicity & versatility of the Professional Passive Programme™. From the urinal screens & multi-phasing air freshener in the washroom, to the universal air freshener in the gym areas, these subtle fragrance solutions will ensure fitness and fragrance go together well.

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