Quadrasan® Purge Urinal Treatment

Helps to unblock urinals and shower cubicles.


Gyms, Healthcare, Hotels, Offices, Restaurants, Washrooms

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Quadrasan® Purge Urinal Trap Treatment

Available in EMEA & UK

Quadrasan® Purge sachets are designed to help unblock urinals & shower cubicles by breaking down organic waste effectively with the release of enzymes.

Quadrasan® Purge sachets speed up the degradation of paper, protein & waste products. Blockages can be cleared effectively in systems with slow drainage.

Safe to use, non-hazardous & no special handling procedures are required.


  • Helps unblock urinals & shower cubicles, breaking down organic waste.
  • Biologically concentrated formulation designed to deal with waste products.
  • Reduce odours - helps to remove organic materials, preventing depository build up that causes unpleasant odours.
  • All ingredients are biodegradable.

Specification & Codes


  • Directions for use: Simply place into urinal bowl or shower outlet & pour 500ml of water over the sachet. The bag will dissolve & the solution will follow the drainage path, creating a “frothing” action as the sachet starts to react. A slightly unpleasant odour will occur initially & temporarily, which will indicate the acids are working to break down the organic waste. Leave for 15 minutes & rinse away after treatment.
  • Case size: 24 x sachets per case.
  • Handling requirements: No special handling requirements necessary.


  • Quadrasan® Purge Sachets: QUA-QPU

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