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Aircare for all Areas.

At Vectair Systems, we are pushing boundaries and exploring only the newest aircare technology to enhance interior environments.

Our extensive range of patented Vibrating Mesh Technology dispensers and refills, patent pending aerosol free, Multi-Phasing fragrance refills, aerosol air freshener systems, ozone generators, and large space scent marketing solutions, help create a fresh smelling environment.

We continue to create industry firsts, such as our pioneering passive product – a multi-phasing, sub-micron air freshener delivering multiple fragrances from just one refill.

About Vectair.

Vectair Systems are a leading technological innovator & supplier of aircare & hygiene products in a number of sectors worldwide. We've delivered scent & sanitary solutions to over 130 countries for over 30 years.

In particular, Vectair Systems are experts in aircare, scent marketing, air freshening as well as products specifically designed for ‘away from home’ areas.

As well as being dispenser manufacturers, we also provide our own range of air freshener refills and other consumables. Through our expertise, we are an ideal partner for dispensers and consumables. We also offer unique OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) services, allowing companies to design their own style of coordinated products and dispensers, using the latest manufacturing technologies from state of the art facilities.

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Scent with SensaMist®.

The advanced atomizer technology in our SensaMist® Scent Diffuser range provides an immersive user experience in a variety of spaces with a fine mist of fragrance. Smell can evoke memories and create lasting impressions. SensaMist® makes the magic of scent simple.

From small to large spaces, battery diffusers to HVAC systems, our advanced atomizer technology can help bring the magic of scent to many environments without heavy deposits of fragrance. Our end user friendly scents will linger for longer, in minds and in spaces.

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My kind of VIBE®.

VIBE® is the next generation of aircare dispenser utilizing our patented Vibrating Mesh Technology. Make spaces come alive with superior scenting technology. The only similarity VIBE® has to other aircare systems, is that it's completely different.

A mesh/membrane, with 2,000 laser cut holes, vibrates at the bottom of a reservoir, and thereby pressures out a mist of very fine fragrance through the holes. VIBE® provides the truly ultimate solution to fragrance delivery to medium sized areas such as hotel lobbies, large washrooms, retail spaces, event areas, gyms and many more. It's an aircare revolution even if we do say so ourselves.

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Meet The Professional Passive Programme™.

Our Professional Passive Programme™ was designed to provide harmonized fragrances to facilities across a range of passive aircare systems, avoiding the unwanted fragrance clash that can often occur, leading to bad smells.

The Professional Passive Programme™ includes passive aircare products that all provide fresh, suited fragrances without the need for aerosols, batteries or propellants. Science meets simplicity with Airloop®, EcoShell®, P-Screen®, V-Air® SOLID Evolution & Wee-Screen®.

Harmonize Your World™.

We also offer complementary fragrance solutions through our 'Harmonize Your World™' range too, which includes the V-Air® SOLID Evolution multi-phasing air freshener, V-Fresh™ universal air freshener and V-Screen® 30 day urinal screens.

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