V-Air® SOLID Evolution

The next generation in passive dispensing technology.

V-Air® SOLID Evolution
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Organic core. Revolutionary multi-phasing air freshener technology.

Passive technology is evolving with V-Air® SOLID Evolution. The recyclable EVA cartridge with multi-phasing air freshener technology and sub-micron fragrances allows for superior scent delivery.

Containing no batteries, liquids or harmful propellants, the dispenser & refill works with natural airflow. V-Air® SOLID Evolution refills contain Carrageenan, a powder extracted from red seaweed. Carrageenan is organic.


  • The special slatted design allows for optimum air movement around the refill.
  • With its dual, organic seaweed core and fragrance outer, the refill utilizes our multi-phasing technology.
  • The lightweight, recyclable refill requires natural airflow. No batteries needed or liquids & refills are free from harmful propellants & solvents.
  • Part of The Professional Passive Programme™.

Specification & Codes


  • Patent pending technology: The unique gel core evaporates leaving a greater surface area inside the EVA outer cartridge, exposing an enhanced surface area of the refill for superior fragrance performance.
  • What is the V-Air® SOLID Evolution Core made from? V-Air® SOLID Evolution contains Carrageenan, which is a powder extracted from red seaweed. Carrageenan is often used in vegan and vegetarian products to replace animal proteins and fats like gelatin. Carrageenan is organic.
  • What is the V-Air® SOLID Evolution outer cartridge made from? Recyclable EVA.
  • How does V-Air® SOLID Evolution work? V-Air® SOLID Evolution works with natural airflow. The fragrances diffuse at different rates, blending two complementary fragrances and key fragrance notes, which combats fragrance fatigue.
  • Dispenser dimensions (approx): mm: 63mm x 70.1mm x 144mm
  • Dispenser dimensions (approx): inches: (L) 2.48” x (W) 2.76” x (H) 5.67”
  • Fragrance life: Up to 60 days.
  • Coverage: Up to 170m³ | 6,000 cubic feet.
  • Security: Keyed lock prevents theft of refill.
  • Case size: 1 x dispenser per case | 6 x refills per case.


  • V-Air® SOLID Evolution Apple Orchard: VEVO APPLE
  • V-Air® SOLID Evolution Bergamot & Sandalwood: VEVO BERGAMOT
  • V-Air® SOLID Evolution Citrus Mango: VEVO CITRUS
  • V-Air® SOLID Evolution Linen Breeze: VEVO LINEN
  • V-Air® SOLID Evolution Marine Musk: VEVO MARINE
  • V-Air® MVP Dispenser (White): VAIR-MVPW
  • V-Air® MVP Dispenser (Black): VAIR-MVPB
  • V-Air® MVP Dispenser (Chrome): VAIR-MVPC

V-Air® SOLID Evolution Fragrances

Change Fragrance

  • Washroom
  • Out of Washroom
  • Coastal

    • Marine Musk
  • Airoma® Therapy & Spa

    • Linen Breeze
    • Bergamot & Sandalwood
  • Citrus

    • Citrus Mango
  • Classics

    • Apple Orchard

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