First class restaurants that are hygienic & smell good give diners a reassuring message that the kitchens are clean too.

Do or dine.

A restaurant should ensure their washrooms are kept extremely clean and smelling good. Nobody wants to eat in a restaurant that doesn't care about being clean. If it's dirty in the washroom, can we just imagine what it's like in the kitchen. Clean washrooms, now that's an order.

Scent & serve.

Our aircare systems can help restaurants make a great impression with their diners by using the magic of scent. From the restaurant waiting area to the washroom, fragrance can help remove any bad smells that may put off most diners from a return visit.

Clean eating.

Clean eating doesn't have to apply just to dietary requirements. Our effective soap and surface cleaners can help restaurants keep on top of hand hygiene and ensure clean surfaces, promoting optimal hygiene for chefs, service staff and customers.

Clean hands & food.

Optimal hand hygiene is imperative in restaurants, especially for kitchen staff, in order to reduce the threat of cross contamination.

Diners deserve to know that they are eating food that's been prepared safely by chefs that wash their hands effectively. Sanitex® MVP combines a next generation dispenser design with luxurious soaps, promoting maximum hygiene at all times, leaving hands clean.

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Service with a scent.

SensaMist® Scent Diffusers use Advanced Atomizer Technology to diffuse high quality scents to restaurant areas. It's the magic of scent made simple.

Our range of SensaMist® Scent Diffusers can help reduce any complaints to service staff about any bad smells. From small to large restaurant areas, battery to mains operated, a SensaMist® unit can be the subtle tool needed to enhance the restaurant's review.

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Wipe away cleaning worries.

In a restaurant especially, a clean surface is every bit as important as clean hands. Failure to clean surfaces can lead to a build up and spread of bacteria.

Safeseat® provides the individual with the opportunity to clean and sanitize surfaces effectively before use. Cleaning surfaces effectively is a positive demonstration of the commitment to customer & staff welfare. The Safeseat® formulation is ultra quick drying and effective against all harmful bacteria commonly found on and around kitchen surfaces, toilet seats and fixtures as well as other surface areas (including baby changing units).

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Pull up a child's chair.

Food is best shared family style. Restaurants can cater for all the family in their approach to infant care. Choose from our baby changing tables, child safety seats and highchairs.

Our Babyminder® brand of away from home infant care products are well known and industry leading. The brand allows parents and guardians the opportunity to change, place and restrain young children safely and securely in restaurants, from the table to the toilet.

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Fine dining. Fine dispensing.

Many restaurants provide fine dining. Create washrooms that are equally high end with dispensers such as the V-Air® SOLID Evolution multi-phasing air freshener.

The recyclable V-Air® SOLID Evolution comprises of a well designed battery free dispenser and multi-phasing fragrance refill made from EVA with an organice core, that's aerosol and propellant free. It provides a superior scent solution to washrooms and other areas for up to 60 days. It does not dispense a mist or spray, but dispenses an invisible, fine fragrance that delivers an ever evolving scent.

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