First class washrooms require first class aircare & hygiene products that are clean, innovative and simple to service.

Washroom world.

From passive & programmable air freshener dispensers, to durable soap dispensers and refills or sanitary disposal systems, our innovative aircare & hygiene solutions can enhance the washroom environment in any sector they are provided in.

Urine no trouble.

Our unique urinal screen solutions as well as cleaning & dosing systems help tackle unpleasant smells while reducing drain blockages. Our urinal screens can also reduce splash back effectively, that's often a cause of spillages and slip hazards in urinal areas.

Service solutions.

Our easy to install & replace soap programme for washrooms help to promote optimum hand hygiene at all times with easy to use dispensers that reduce waste by providing the right amount of soap per dose - less is more. Service friendly solutions are fully available.

Wonderful washrooms.

One of our core business areas is products designed for the washroom. We manufacture and supply a full range of aircare and hygiene systems that are suitable for all areas within the washroom environment. From the hand washing systems to the hand dryer or the air freshener to the antimicrobial liners. We have an extensive line of solutions to help.

We could well be the 'one stop shop' for everything a facility needs to improve their washroom environment. Our house brands, Airoma®, Babyminder®, Micro Airoma®, Prozone®, P-Screen®, Quadrasan®, Safeseat®, Sanitex®, V-Air® SOLID Evolution, V-Screen® and Wee-Screen® are all recognized and registered brands we are proud to bring to the washroom world.

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Urieasy to service.

Our cost effective and recyclable 30 and 60 day urinal screens make washroom servicing easy. Effective splash back protection and a convenient 'service' tab for easy removal make them popular for public spaces.

Our 30 day urinal screen solution can be a practical solution to a difficult task. It's bubble design allows for effective splash back protection and is strong on fragrance. Our P-Screen® urinal screen is the world's first 60 day, triple action screen and provides a dual scent, splash back protection and incorporate an active central core containing naturally occurring bacteria which produce enzymes to degrade organic matter, eliminating bad smells.

Both P-Screen® & Wee-Screen® are propellant free and recyclable and form part of the Professional Passive Programme™, matching scents to other aircare products provided by Vectair, avoiding an unwelcome fragrance clash that can often occur in the washroom.

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Service friendly soap.

Our easy to install & replace Sanitex® soap programme for the washroom is service friendly and makes soap simple.

Service friendly solutions are available throughout the Sanitex® range, with two dispenser options - the Family dispenser and the MVP dispenser. The family dispenser provides 3 soap refills - anti-bacterial, luxury foam and luxury liquid. Also available, is the the instant hand gel providing a refreshing and caring alcohol based formula with anti-bacterial action without water. The MVP range offers 3 refill options - anti-bacterial, luxury foam and instant hand gel. All refill cartridges are sealed. One pump can endure thousands of operations.

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Hide waste in the washroom.

Our Femcare™ MVP sanitary disposal systems allow for sanitary waste to be disposed of easily, hygienically and safely. Waste can be hidden out of sight in washrooms and is simple to service.

The unit is stylish and highly functional, with a resistance to the build up of dirt therefore being easy to clean. Femcare™ antimicrobial scented liners are also available to use with the Femcare™ MVP sanitary disposal system. A foot pedal opens the carousel and waste is simply placed inside and released.

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Worldly washroom products.

Products such as the Airloop® toilet bowl clip can be used all over the world, in any washroom, any time, any place.

Airloop® works effectively by clipping on to the toilet bowl and other items using our revolutionary clip and go, clip and throw™ technology. It fits most toilet bowls (even in some countries where toilet bowls are shaped differently). Made from EVA & recyclable, Airloop® delivers high quality fragrance for up to 30 days while the unique clip design allows for Airloop® to be placed outside the toilet bowl, with the clip subtly hidden under the toilet seat. Airloop® is also part of the Professional Passive Programme™.

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