Quadrasan® Cleaning & Dosing Refills

Continuous maintenance. Customised programming.


Airports, Gyms, Healthcare, Washrooms

Refill Capacity

310ml, 600ml

Quadrasan® Cleaning & Dosing Refills
Available Colours (Quadrasan® 300 | Citrus Tingle (Chemical) Selected)

Continuous maintenance for toilets and urinals.

Available in EMEA & UK

Quadrasan® cleaning & dosing refills provide programmable maintenance for toilets, urinal fixtures and washrooms.

Quadrasan® refills ensure toilets & urinals remain clean & odour free. A choice of fragrances are provided - in biological and chemical formats. Quadrasan® refills fit the Quadrasan® Family Dispenser, Quadrasan® MVP Dispenser and other cleaning & dosing systems.


  • Keeps urinal fixtures & toilets clean.
  • 3000 metered doses per refill.
  • Cleans and deodorizes at source and protects between cleaning intervals.
  • Refills available in biological or chemical options.

Specification & Codes


  • Capacity: 3000 metered doses per refill.
  • Case size: x6 refills per case.
  • Bottle size: 310ml | 600ml
  • Format: Biological or chemical.


  • Quadrasan® 300 (310ml Chemical Format): FQ-300
  • Quadrasan® 300 | Citrus Tingle (310ml Chemical Format): FQ-300F
  • Quadrasan® 300 ESP | Mandarin (310ml Chemical Format): FQ-300F-ESP
  • Quadrasan® Bio 300 (310ml Biological Format): FB-300
  • Quadrasan® 600 | Citrus Tingle (600ml Chemical Format): EQ-600-01NB
  • Quadrasan® 600 ESP | Mandarin (600ml Chemical Format): EQ-600-01-ESPNB

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