Hand wipes and hand gel sachets for restaurants & takeaways

Hand Gel Sachets - hand wipes

Could hand wipes and hand gel sachets be the hospitality hygiene hero during the pandemic? The new lockdown in the UK will hit the hospitality industry hard. Figures from January 2020, from the Office for National Statistics, showed that there are 28,705 licenced restaurants in the UK.

There are also 22,970 un-licenced restaurants, and 30,885 pubs and bars. All of these will be forced to close their ‘dine in’ facilities.

Many businesses have learnt (or been forced) to diversify in this climate to survive. Many are now providing takeaway services to help them survive local and national lockdown restrictions. This is in addition to the 37,465 takeaways and mobile food stands already in operation.

One of the concerns over takeaway services and deliveries for consumers is hygiene. Before and as it reaches their door, or indeed as and when they collect from a drive through. Cleaning hands is an essential part of the takeaway process, or should be. So this is where hand wipes or hand gel sachets can prove so vital.

Perfect for instant protection, the Vectair Sanitex® Hand Gel Sachets are useful for people on the go, such as those within the travel industry, food service areas and retail. Supplied in a sachet format, an alcohol-based gel is available which can effectively and efficiently clean hands without the need for water.

Hand Gel Sachets - hand wipes

Hand wipes & hand gel sachets go a long way

A small sachet goes a long way and the Sanitex® Hand Gel sachets can be a very useful pocket-sized, personal hygiene solution. Hand wipes can also be used as a simple yet effective hand hygiene solution.

Paul Wonnacott, Managing Director and President at Vectair Systems, says: “Once again we are proud to have found solutions to some of the hygiene issues people are facing due to Covid-19.  Earlier in this crisis, we were proud to supply the NHS Nightingale in east London’s ExCel centre, the first of the Government’s emergency field hospitals to treat people with coronavirus. Vectair have donated our Sanitex® soap dispensers to the hospital for free.”

Here’s a list of takeaways that will be open through the latest lockdown. Hopefully hand wipes and hand gel sachets will be used in many of them.

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