The smell of summer – what to look out for

Summer fruit on a blanket for a picnic in from of some mountains

As the mornings get earlier and the evenings get lighter, we start to realise that summer is nearly here! As the seasons change through the year, we switch around the food we eat, the clothes we wear and sometimes even the colour of our hair to suit the weather pattern.

Through the winter months, there are many popular and inviting scents like cinnamon, ginger, pine and cranberry that everybody enjoys but as the sun starts to come out, the heavy warm scents don’t really fit and aren’t quite as enjoyable as before. Switching out the scents in your home according to the time of the year is great to compliment the natural environment around us.

Below is a range of naturally sweet, floral, fruity and zesty fragrances that are commonly associated with the summertime and we guarantee they will fill your home with the perfect ambience.

Coconut – Coconut is a sweet creamy and exotic scent. It is associated with summer because it is usually the main fragrance in many suntan lotions. Coconut is a versatile scent as it can range from fresh and milky, to nutty and toasted, allowing it to stretch through the early spring months to the late summer months.

Coconut is often combined with vanilla to create a very sweet, exotic, tropical fragrance – perfect for the heat of the summer!

Rose – Rose is a romantic scent that is reminiscent of the English summertime. Rose is an uplifting scent and has antidepressant properties, helping to instil positive thoughts of happiness and boost self-confidence.

Rose is fragrant in nature in the early summer, helping to attract pollinators. Use this beautiful fragrance throughout your home to create a romantic, sophisticated atmosphere throughout your home in the late spring months and early summer months.

Vanilla – Vanilla is a very versatile scent that is used all year round. Throughout the winter months, vanilla is accompanied with heavier scents, such as cinnamon and clove to give the perfect Christmas fragrance, but throughout the summer, vanilla can be completely transformed to be very exotic and light and sweet when combined with floral, coconut and citrus scents.

Lemon – Lemon is a scent known to everyone. We use it in our food and drinks, but it can also be a great scent addition to a sunny day. Lemon is citrusy, fresh and very common in summer scents as it makes a good accompaniment to vanilla, rose and coconut.

Lemon is known to promote feelings of warmth and happiness so don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your household fragrances from the start of summer to the end!

Blackcurrant – Blackcurrant can be used with a range of other scents to create irresistible summer smells. Blackcurrant goes very well with citrus fragrances and floral fragrances especially rose which makes a sweet and romantic scent.

Blackcurrant, while not commonly used on its own, will help to elevate other scents and make them more refined and extravagant. Use blackcurrant with the other scents above in your home throughout the summer and enjoy the ambience!

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