Liquid soap or bar soap? What is the best solution for hand hygiene?

Liquid Soap

Good handwashing is essential to stay healthy, especially whilst we are all living in a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. When you choose your soap for everyday cleaning or to provide in your business’s facilities, you should be reassured that you are selecting the most effective option. Here are the differences between liquid soap and bars of soap for washing your hands.

Does liquid soap and bar soap clean the same?

In short, yes, both soaps whether it be bar or liquid reduces the pathogens and bacteria on your hands when you use them to wash your hands. When you wash your hands and rub them together, you create friction which lifts the microorganisms and dirt into the lather which can then be rinsed off to leave clean hands.

Advantages & disadvantages of liquid soap


  • Can be mounted onto a wall or can be positioned next to the sink which keeps the area tidy with no residue (unlike a wet bar of soap).
  • Liquid soap dispensers are convenient to use and is hygienic.
  • Liquid soap usually has moisturisers that are added to the mixture to keep hands from drying out when used which is beneficial for people with sensitive skin.
  • There are usually large varieties of scents available that you can select for your business facilities or for your home.
  • Reduces the exchange of bacteria between users.


  • Tends to be more costly than bars of soap.
  • Liquid soap that has foaming properties can discourage people to wash their hands for as long as they usually would if they had to produce the lather themselves.

EZ-SAN® Soap Dispenser - Soapy Hands - liquid soap

Advantages & disadvantages of bar soap


  • Usually a more cost-effective option than using liquid soap
  • Can be more sustainable if bar soap comes in cardboard box with no plastic.


  • Bar soap can dry the hands out more than liquid soap because of the higher pH level which can cause a drying effect.
  • Used bar soap can get worn down to slime or a mushy texture which can be very unappealing, especially in a public bathroom.
  • Can cause a transfer of bacteria between users in public bathrooms and wet surface may harvest bacteria between uses.
  • Bar soap can be misplaced as bar soap is not affixed to a surface.


Liquid soap has more advantages than the traditional bar soap and is more user friendly – in terms of application, performance and care of skin. We know which we would rather use!

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