Fragranced Urinal Screens & Urinal Mats – benefits to businesses

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An effective fragrance in a washroom can be so valuable for a good business image. Scented Urinal Mats (or called Urinal Screens) are becoming ever a popular solution for businesses globally for many reasons.

We take a look at the benefits urinal mats and urinal screens offer and what businesses can learn.

Public washrooms and those owned by private businesses (e.g. restaurants) are under pressure to present a clean image. Why? With social media so popular, it only takes one negative review of a washroom to go ‘viral’. It can ruin a reputation of a business in moments.

Urinal mats and urinal screens offer these facilities an opportunity to enhance the environment AND reputation. No more bad reviews!

Benefits of urinal mats

Urinals can be a terrible source of bad smells, so these products help control bad odours. Designed to work for 30 or 60 days, they can enhance a customer sensory experience. But they urinal mats or urinal screens must be properly maintained in order to work effectively.

A fragrance in a mat or screen is normally encapsulated in EVA and they should be replaced after their lifecycle. Otherwise there would be little point in have a urinal screen to enhance the fragrance.

All washroom cleaning programmes should consider using urinal mats and screens. They not only make a washroom smell great, they can help remove splash back. This improves the cleanliness of the floors. They can also improve drainage blockages by acting as nets to catch debris.

P-Screen® 60 Day Urinal Screen Citrus Mango cutaway - ISSA Innovation Award- urinal mats

Triple action

Some products, such as the P-Screen® Urinal Screen, use Triple Action Technology. Not only does it contain a fragrance, but it contains two for a longer lasting scent, lasting up to 60 days. But it’s the active central core that sets it apart for businesses. Triple Action Technology works by ensuring bacteria (naturally occurring) that produce enzymes to degrade organic matter, eliminates bad smells.

It also reduces organic scale build-up by ensuring that uric salt is made more soluble, broken down and therefore made easier to flush away. It’s a triple act on a triple threat.

It’s receiving reviews, perhaps try it out for yourself? Contact Vectair today to organize a trial.

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