Harmony of fragrance – keeping washrooms clean and smelling great

Professional Passive Programme - harmony of fragrance

When you are in charge of public bathrooms, whether it be in an office building for employees, a hotel for guests or a bathroom for your clients, you want every user to have the best experience possible. A harmony fragrance can help achieve that.

It is important that your facilities are hygienic and smell fresh because unpleasant odors can lead people to believe your facilities are dirty, which in turn will reflect on your business. There are many ways you can introduce fragrances into a public bathroom, but it is vital that all of the scents work in harmony to be as effective and positive as possible.

Vectair Systems have developed the Professional Passive Programme to create a harmonized environment inside public bathrooms. All of the different systems in the range that makes up the Professional Passive Programme all provide fragrances without the need for propellants, batteries or aerosols.

You can mix and match from the following available fragrances:

  • Apple Orchard (V-Air® SOLID Evolution)
  • Bergamot & Sandalwood (EcoShell® & V-Air® SOLID Evolution)
  • Citrus Mango (Airloop®, P-Screen®, V-Air® SOLID Evolution & Wee-Screen®)
  • Linen Breeze (Airloop®, P-Screen®, V-Air® SOLID Evolution & Wee-Screen®)
  • Marine Musk (Airloop®, P-Screen®, V-Air® SOLID Evolution & Wee-Screen®)
  • Sea Salt & Bamboo (EcoShell®)
  • Sweet Pea & Wisteria (EcoShell®).

Professional Passive Program EMEA - harmony of fragrance

The Professional Passive Programme – a Harmony of Fragrance

P-Screen® Urinal Screen – P-Screen® is the worlds first dual fragranced urinal screen that offers 60-day splash back protection due to the innovative deep bubble and bristle design. The recyclable urinal screen also features an active central core which offers dual fragrance and enzyme protection to reduce bacteria. The P-Screen® can be used in both watered and waterless urinals whilst preventing blockages and uric salt obstructions in the pipes. Multi-award winning.

Wee-Screen® Urinal Screen – Wee-Screen® is a recyclable urinal screen that reduces bad smells and urine splashback for up to 30 days. The flexible design allows the urinal screen to fit almost any urinal which can be easily serviced and replaced using the raised grip pad.

Airloop® Toilet Bowl Clip – Airloop® is an air freshener toilet bowl clip that offers a fragrance solution for up to 30 days. The recyclable toilet bowl clip can tightly fit to most toilet bowls and features Clip and go, clip and throw™ technology making the replacement easy with only one simple action.

V-Air® SOLID Evolution Air Freshener – the recyclable V-Air® SOLID Evolution air freshener and cartridge offer multi-phasing air freshener technology with sub-micron fragrances to allow superior scent delivery for up to 60 days. The V-Air® SOLID Evolution contains no harmful propellants, no liquids and no batteries and works with only natural airflow.

EcoShell® Air Freshener – the EcoShell® Air Freshener features the innovative Clip and go, clip and throw™ technology to offer a snug fit whilst allowing replacement to be quick and easy. The EcoShell® Air Freshener has a large internal surface area to provide a strong fragrance without the need for fans, propellants, batteries or aerosols.

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