Supermarket Scenting – the scents making sense for stores

Supermarket Scenting

In an ultra competitive industry, supermarkets are finding new ways to engage with their customers. Deemed an essential business during the COVID-19 lockdown(s), this has made Supermarkets find new ways to stand out. Introducing supermarket scenting.

Smell has long been linked as a vehicle to influence attitudes and behaviours. Used by many businesses such as hospitality and offices, scent can trigger a wide range of emotions. Researchers have revealed smells that have prompted levels of spending from customers. They have even found the strength and longevity of a fragrance can influence buying patterns.

Supermarket scenting such as a fresh melon scent has been shown to make customers buy more and feel more upbeat. Professor Mark Leenders from Melbourne’s RMIT University found that in a Dutch convenience store, a melon fragrance caused impulsive buying. Melon was also found to make customers more positive and likely to browse longer in stores.

Supermarket scenting was also shown to improve attitudes towards products when compared to times when supermarkets had low scenting periods. Scent Marketing has been shown to create greater revenue for many businesses through the years. Different fragrances achieve greater results in other environments.

Supermarket Scenting

Getting the right smell isn’t just for supermarket scenting either. Different fragrances can work differently for different kinds of shops:

Department stores: Grapefruit, cinnamon, ginger and orange.

Clothes and fashion shops: Mint and lemon.

Furniture and interior outlets: Tea, orange and lemon.

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