Winter is coming: How prepared are you for COVID-19 in the months ahead?

Winter - Covid-19

With winter fast approaching, it is vital that we make sure that we take extra measures to protect ourselves from COVID-19. Many viruses get more intense throughout the colder months and this could be the case for COVID-19. Previous research shows that viral transmission appears to decrease as the temperature increases and the humidity rises. We may have a long and difficult winter ahead of us.

Despite the concern, we all know how the common cold spreads. Colds and flu are transmitted in the same way COVID-19 is spread – through coughs, sneezes, poor hand hygiene and lots of people being in close proximity to each other in public areas. For this reason, people may be less likely to pick up the common cold or flu due to social distancing and mask wearing if it is practiced daily, and by the majority.

However, COVID-19 may increase throughout the winter months and could potentially be joined with the common cold and flu. Another outbreak would put severe pressure on medical equipment, manpower and tests, all which are needed in the battle of COVID-19. It could also cause lots of confusion with masses of patients rushing to hospital emergency rooms with a common cold or cough in fear that they may have COVID-19.

Naturally, businesses have been returning to their offices and people are starting to reconnect but it is vital, more now than ever to make sure you are prepared to protect yourself, whether you are working from home or working in the office.

Winter & COVID-19

You should make sure that you are equipped with antibacterial alcohol-based hand gel at all times as it is the most effective way of getting rid of the virus when there is no access to soap and water. This could be in a large bottle on your desk, a small bottle on the go in your bag or car or in sachet form which is perfect to carry in your pockets or give to other people you encounter who haven’t got any on them. Make sure that any alcohol-based hand rub products that you decide to use contain 70% alcohol or more to ensure it is effective in completely eliminating the virus from your hands.

Winter - Covid-19 - hand sanitizer

Another precaution you could take aside from alcohol-based hand gel, masks and social distancing is using an ozone generator. These eliminate up to 99.5% of airborne viruses and bacteria with the extra bonus of removing unpleasant smells. This can be used in a fixed position or portable making it perfect for the office or home to keep everyone as safe as possible.

It is important to carry on using these products as well as consider social distancing techniques as we approach the autumn and winter months to safely prepare for a potentially challenging period ahead.

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