Vectair launch Gel Sachets for clean hands as part of their Sanitex® Hand Gel range of products

Hand Gel Sachets - clean hands

Vectair have announced the launch of their Sanitex® Hand Gel Sachets to effectively clean hands while on the go.

The pocket and travel sized sachets can be a handy tool for instant protection and enhanced hygiene.

Using 70% alcohol, the hand gel sachets can be used without water or when water is not available.

The WHO (World Health Organization) recommends alochol based handrubs should be readily available for optimal compliance with hand hygiene.

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, hand hygiene has become absolutely crucial in the control of the virus.

Hand Gel Sachets for Clean Hands

A small sachet goes a long way and Sanitex® Hand Gel Sachets can be a useful pocket sized, personal hygiene solution.

Vectair’s Sanitex® Hand Gel Sachets form part of their COVID Care range of effective hygiene essentials from Vectair Systems.

Hand Gel Sachets - clean hands

The Gel Sachets can help clean hands effectively for people and professional areas. These include:

  • Airlines and travel industry. Due to potential of touching surfaces and limited space, hand gel sachets can be an effective way to clean hands on planes and public transport.
  • Fast food & food service industry. Hand gel sachets can replace unhygienic practices.
  • Gyms. As a result of potential sweat etc. on surfaces, clean hands are essential for gym goers. Portable gel sachets can provide convenient and optimal protection.
  • Hospitality & Hotels. Allows hotels to reinforce their commitments to customers and show their customers they care about people’s hygiene and safety.

Sanitex® Hand Gel Sachets are available to pre-order now. Vectair’s hand hygiene range for clean hands is made up of a variety of hand gels, dispenser stands, soap dispensers and skin care refills.

For more information on the range, contact Vectair here.

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