Toilet Hygiene Rating Scheme – calls for a rating system in all licensed premises

Toilet Hygiene

A toilet hygiene rating system should be applicable to washrooms that the public use, government owned or licensed premises. That’s the view of Paul Wonnacott, Founder and President of Vectair Systems, writing recently in an industry magazine, and a view that is shared by many.

Cleazine, a leading hygiene magazine, included Wonnacott’s letter, commending the work done by Susan Cunningham. In countries like the UK, there is a food hygiene rating standards, but not one for toilet hygiene. It is this disparity that both Cunningham and Wonnacott have similar views. The former has drafted proposals for a rating system for public toilet hygiene. The latter agrees and in his opinion, Wonnacott thinks licensed premises should be subject to the same standards too;

“I do not think that that a ‘Toilet Hygiene Rating Scheme’ should be limited to public toilets. Any ‘away from home’ washroom in any licensed premises should also be subject to the same standards.

Every survey I know of that has been conducted by the hospitality industry has shown that it is not the standards of the food or drink, not the ambience of the place or quality of the furniture but the standard of the washrooms, that most influences the decision as to whether to return to that establishment.”

Public Toilet Hygiene - Paul Wonnacott

To read more on Wonnacott’s letter to Cleanzine, discussing a rating system for toilet hygiene, you can read it here.

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