Productivity – scents that may help improve efficiency and focus


Productivity can be affected by a number of things; climate, cognitive functioning, sleep, stress and time of the day, just to name a few.

Scent and aromatherapy have been increasingly used over the years as a method of helping to improve concentration, energy levels and greater productivity. Scents can evoke memories and trigger emotions, while some fragrances in particular are useful to help energize the body and soothe the mind.

We take a look at a number of smells that can be used that may just help boost focus and quite possibly, productivity, too;

  1. Cinnamon – every time the word ‘cinnamon’ is mentioned, the mind wanders to a baked cinnamon bun or a cinnamon roll. It brings a smile to the face of many (the smell and the taste!) and this sweet spice can have a positive influence on memory & cognitive function.
  2. Lavender – it’s a delicate yet powerful scent and it’s popular in North America for its ability to relieve anxiety and tension – two things directly associated with productivity.
Productivity - Lavender
  • Citrus – one of the most popular scents to use in the restroom to give off that clean image, citrus also has a quality unlike most fragrances that provides energy and a real boost with just one whiff. Lemon is possibly the most powerful of the citrus based smells – it’s been shown that smelling it can increase mental stimulation and focus.
  • Grapefruit – not known right away for being a scent that enhances productivity, but it’s a scent that provides a ‘pick-me-up’ and exposure to this smell can do wonders to relieve stress and thus, have a positive effect on production efficiency.
  • Jasmine – known as a mood lifter, jasmine reenergizes. Some Thai researchers found that when somebody had experienced the smell of jasmine, beta waves increased in parts of the brain that control activity level and positive emotion.

When looking for something to boost productivity, especially in a business environment perhaps take a look at our collection of fragrances to help.  

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