Kristy Kenney wins Tom Valentino Special Achievement Award

Kristy Kenney

Vectair Systems have announced Kristy Kenney winner of the Tom Valentino Special Achievement Award 2020. As Executive Administrative Assistant for Vectair Systems, Inc., Kenney has been recognized for her truly outstanding dedication to the Company.

In honor of Tom Valentino, Vectair’s VP of Sales & Marketing, the award celebrates exceptional effort throughout a particular year. Tom Valentino very sadly died of Lung Cancer in 2014 after very bravely fighting the disease for 2 years. During his treatment, he continued to work with the utmost integrity and continued to work building the Vectair business.

He was as relentless in business as he was respectful of others. Tom was well loved and continues to be missed dearly, so Vectair decided to honor his memory. In 2014, the Tom Valentino Special Achievement Award was born, distinguishing individuals for their commitment and dedication in their role.

Speaking of Kristy Kenney, Chad Davis, Executive Vice President, Vectair Systems, said: “Kristy Kenney has gone above and beyond (as always) this year more than most. She comes in early, stays late, takes work home. Kristy comes in day after day, ready to do whatever needs to be done. She supports both Matt (Wonnacott) and myself out of delight, not duty. Kristy absolutely deserves this award.

I know Tom would be incredibly proud to have her win an award in his honor, and it’s only right that she has.”

Paul Wonnacott, Executive Chairman of Vectair Systems, shared his view of Tom Valentino, the awards and Kristy’s win.

“When his twin girls were just 9 years old, Tom was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive terminal cancer. When I first visited him in the cancer unit shortly after his diagnosis, as I went in, I passed the Catholic priest who had just given him his last communion.
We both hugged the other as if it were our last, but Tom told me his only plans were to get home to see his girls and to carry on working for Vectair. Days became weeks, weeks became months. Every week Tom and I communicated and although there were many “dark” times, mostly he was excited to tell me who he had called, what new business he had created, what appointments he had made for me and what new prospective customers he had found.
Work was bringing clarity and focus to his life. It was keeping him alive. Communicating every day with customers and colleagues was keeping his mind highly active and laser focused on helping build Vectair’s business in North America. Every single day he had the courage to work was an extra day he had to enjoy with his girls.
I read a few days ago an article from an eminent Professor of Psychiatry who was commenting on Covid-19, and the actions of our Governments and the population at large. He said that human beings survive in life by three fundamental requisites: physical health; social contact and mental well-being. Activating all three is the only way we can beat this pandemic.
Or maybe he just had the great fortune to know Tom Valentino?
I think it is equally important to remember why this award was created: not just to honor the man it was named after, but more importantly, to recognize and reward what the values of Vectair meant to him and his family and how he gave back, and the courage he showed in doing it.
Kristy is a credit to our business, and I am so pleased her efforts were rewarded and she was honored with the Award.”
Tom Valentino - kristy kenney

Kristy Kenney presented with the Tom Valentino Award 2020

This year, the award was presented over a Teams Meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff and Reps were there to congratulate Kristy Kenney on her deserved win.

In receiving her award, Kenney was delighted:

“Winning the Thomas Valentino Achievement Award is without a doubt one of the most memorable moments of my professional career. I wholeheartedly extend my gratitude to my exceptional leaders for choosing me as this year’s recipient. It’s a true honor!

Regretfully, I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Tom Valentino. What I’ve learned from stories told by those who did know him, is that he was an incredibly hard-working individual with a real passion for Vectair Systems and the work we do. He was someone who was influential and left positive, lasting impressions with everyone who knew him.”

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