Hotel mini toiletries are becoming a thing of the past

Hotel mini toiletries

It was interesting to read about the InterContinental Hotels Group’s pledge to remove hotel mini toiletries from their hotels. Published in the European Cleaning Journal last week, the story told how The UK-based owner of Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza hotels has promised to take the small plastic bottles out of its 843,000 rooms by 2021. This has already been achieved in around one-third of its estate.

In a move to help the environment, bulk dispensing systems are replacing individual plastic bottles. IHG chief executive Keith Barr said: “We collectively as an industry have to lead where governments are not necessarily giving the leadership to make a difference. Five years ago it was a tick-the-box exercise. Today its follow-up meetings going through in detail what we are doing about our carbon footprint.”

You can read the full story here

Hotel mini toiletries

Bulk dispensing systems like Vectair’s Sanitex ® MVP soap dispenser have really raised their game in the last ten years, both in terms of looks and performance. Our soap dispenser is sleek in appearance, meaning it wouldn’t look out of place in the most luxurious of hotel bathrooms. Hotels can choose from opulent colours like chrome and black, alongside the standard white dispenser. Our foam soaps are thick and super rich, and dermatologically tested to the highest standards.

Sanitex MVP

One concern for people may be hygiene, as hotel mini toiletries are traditionally replaced for every guest, meaning that they are new and unopened. However, maximum hygiene is what our soap dispensers proudly promote, with sealed soap cartridges and added Invizi-Touch® protection on the surface of the manual dispenser. Invizi-Touch® is our antimicrobial technology – proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99%.

Dispensing systems also offer extra benefits, such as durability (one pump can endure thousands of operations) and delivering the optimum amount of soap, minimising waste and saving money.

The effort to reduce the number of plastic bottles being used in the hotels industry is clearly a positive one, and it opens up new opportunities for away-from-home hygiene companies like ours within the sector.


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