Scents to look out for this autumn – fall into fragrance

Scents - fall into fragrance

Scents for the autumn and fall season are traditionally floral based with hints of pine based notes for example. In 2019, while the floral notes are still popular, many other scents have appeared as trending fragrances that will help your senses as the nights draw in and the days get shorter. What scent will you choose as you ‘fall’ into fragrance?


Clean, light floral based notes are a popular scent for autumn 2019. Earthy fragrances will help to bring the outdoors in.


A blend of both floral and fruity scents will be a hit for autumn 2019 for sure. Think of a blend of citrus, jasmine and musk, for example.


Desserts in autumn really are a joy to behold – think of apple pie, warm vanilla custard and other dessert delights. Adding vanilla based fragrances to an environment in autumn will only enhance the need to bake, eat dessert and try some new recipes for that sweet tooth.

Scents - fall into fragrance


Along with vanilla, cinnamon is an autumn staple fragrance. Spice up rooms with hints of cinnamon – perhaps blended with ginger and cardamom.


Autumn wouldn’t be autumn without Halloween and a pumpkin, would it? Like cinnamon and vanilla, the ripe, sweet smell of pumpkin is fitting for the time of year and will be a hit with visitors (whether they choose to dress up on Halloween or not!).


It’s the ‘natural’ choice during autumn. Eucalyptus has a minty, pine scent base – so bringing this to an indoor environment will bring visitors closer to nature and the outdoors.


As the days get colder (unless you’re in sunny and warm Florida!), then honey is a great scent for autumn this year. The indulgent, warm and sweet note of honey, blends well with vanilla and has an earthy quality. Amazing for autumn.

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