Operations Management through a pandemic – bringing both challenges and rewards

Operations Management-COVID-19

Keeping on top of day-to-day operations at Vectair does come with its challenges, but this pandemic has been different. It has changed everything with my role in Operations Management particularly, seeing widescale change at a pace never seen before.

We are a hygiene business, so we’re acutely aware of the importance of cleaning and optimal hygiene. We’ve been ‘lucky’ in a sense that we were already ensuring areas were clean and hygienic. For assurances to employees and doing our best to limit the spread, we’ve completely ramped up our facility cleaning processes. We’ve ensured that our spaces are COVID-19 secure to reduce the impact that the pandemic is having. Tape for social distancing enforcement has been introduced in line with the government guidelines. In addition, important COVID-19 related signage has been put up at our head offices to keep staff “on alert”. Sneeze protection screens have been installed at various stations to protect staff during this pandemic.

We’ve provided some “do’s” and “don’ts” to staff to ensure they stay educated through the pandemic. Guidelines to staff continue to be under review from our Board of Directors and Health & Safety, following the Government advice. This in itself is our “smart” action plan due to the ever-evolving set of circumstances we find ourselves in.

As lockdown has eased and more staff re-enter our offices during the post pandemic phase, we’ve deemed it important to introduce temperature readers. Not for the weather, but for staff – another step we are taking to ensure we are protecting our employees and visitors who enter our buildings.

Hygiene measures for before, during and after a pandemic

As a manufacturer of instant hand gel and soap, we’ve been able to place cleaning stations at various contact points. It encourages optimal hygiene at all times and I think these measures should and will stay beyond the pandemic.

What hopefully won’t stay past the pandemic is the general uncertainties lockdowns, loss of business and loss of morale brings. We like to think we have a positive mindset at Vectair but one look at a media source can cause havoc!

Operations Management - COVID-19

Operations Management & COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything and like all other businesses we are experiencing unchartered territories. This always brings challenges, but it brings its rewards too. Our staff have worked tremendously to keep Vectair running with efficiency, and we should all take a moment to celebrate that.

By Greg Teubner | Head of Operations | Vectair Systems

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