Marketing during COVID-19 – the effects of a pandemic on Vectair’s go-to-market approach

Louise Goldsmith - Marketing during COVID-19

As a marketer, flexibility is one of our core skills, so this has actually helped us adapt. Marketing during the COVID-19 crisis has not been without its challenges, however.

Planning has been made a lot harder because of circumstance being so unpredictable, especially where exhibitions are concerned.

Most importantly, getting the right tone and style of messaging has been crucial – being compassionate and resonating with people, showing you care about them on a personal level rather than a business level, has been critical.

In someways, promoting the benefits of hygiene products is easier when the government remind (tell) you to wash your hands. The cleaning industry as a whole has seen a huge increase in respectability from the general public. As much as there are challenges, we have found new ways of marketing during the COVID-19 crisis which have helped our business move forward.

Cleaning has become forefront in helping control and fight the virus.

Marketing during COVID-19 & a pandemic

I wanted to highlight some points that I’ve seen from a marketing perspective during this period:

  • Increase in virtual events and webinars from a training and information perspective.
  • More digital marketing activities – higher responses to email marketing campaigns (perhaps because people have more time to read them?).
  • Greater number of meetings conducted on zoom/online platforms rather than face to face.
  • Planning has been harder and budgets made unpredictable especially regarding shows.
  • Lots of new products to launch such as our COVID-19 Care range. Busy period for the Marketing team.
  • Tone and style of messaging has had to change to be considerate to the growing situation over COVID-19. The sales messaging needed to be compassionate and something that customers could relate to.


Louise Goldsmith - Marketing during COVID-19

So for me, marketing during COVID-19 has proved that cleaning has become critical in helping control and fight the virus. This can only be a good thing for the reputation and future of the cleaning & hygiene industry as a whole.

By Louise Goldsmith | Head of Marketing – EMEA & Rest of World

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