Case Study: Corporate Millennium, India

Corporate Millenium

Who? Why?

Corporate Millennium Hygiene Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading washroom services provider operating in major cities of India.

Corporate Millennium Hygiene Solutions Pvt. Ltd. were on the lookout for a good quality urinal screen and found one when Excel International, Vectair's exclusive importer in India, introduced V-Screen® by Vectair Systems.

A solution?

V-Screen® offers an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing. It also combats odour control between washroom cleaning visits.

A pleasant fragrance is provided, keeping the urinal smelling fresh for up to 30 days. V-Screen® fits over the drain or urinal and acts as a net to catch debris such as chewing gum, cigarettes, paper and other refuse.


“We are using them regularly now and have found that the product is very good in the following ways:

Easy to place in the correct position using small ‘service handle’ | Multiple raised dimples on the upper surface to break down the liquid molecules to allow easy flow of urine through the mesh | Choice of excellent fragrances to meet customer preference | Securely held in place b y ‘ribbed’ back surface, which equals continuous protection | We recommend V-Screen® strongly and congratulate Vectair for bringing an innovative product to the Indian market.”

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